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How long is forever?

In order to understand today’s post you need to start by reading THIS. First, I apologize for the sad nature of the link above. But I feel like it’s an important message that so many people take for granted- time with our loved ones. Before stumbling upon this post shared by my co-worker I spent […]

See ya Fed Hill!

Since I’ve lived in Baltimore I’ve only ever known Federal Hill. Granted I spend a lot of time in the other neighborhoods, I’ve never lived anywhere but Fed Hill. I know the streets like the back of my hand, I know where I can park and for what length of time and have exhausted the […]

Looking back at 2015

I can’t believe that 2015 is almost over. I know they say that time speeds up as you get older but this is ridiculous. I’ve been in Baltimore for almost four years. How is that even possible?! This year has been one of the greatest. Not only of my time spent in Charm City but […]

Wordless Christmas Recap

Happy Monday everyone! I can’t believe Christmas has come and gone. This year I was able to spend four days at home in Delaware with my family and even Chris! Since its the Monday after Christmas and I’m busy prepping for NYE and I’m busy packing for my move this weekend I’m going to leave […]

Merry Christmas!

Happy Monday everyone! I’m taking the week off from blogging to enjoy time with my family and friends. I hope you have a great holiday! I’ll be back next week to count down the remaining days of 2015! 

Clark Griswold’s Bmore Residence

I mentioned earlier this week that Chris and I had plans to check out the lights on 34th street in Hampden. I love going to wander thru the decked out block each year and usually have to push thru swarms of people to catch a glimpse of the houses. We went on a Tuesday this […]

Life Lately V.4

Life has been a whirlwind lately and in the best possible way! It’s the greatest time of year, I’ve been spending lots of time with friends and that really cool guy in my life and I’ve been having a blast planning events for the ice rink. I’ve been able to spend time with the blogger […]

All of the lights

One reason that I love this time of the year is because Baltimore has no shortage of events and festivities. As an event planner in the city, trust me, there are SO MANY EVENTS! There are also many opportunities to see something in the city adorned with lights and/or lit up for a crowd that’s “oohing” […]

Marley & Me

I have always loved getting Christmas cards in the mail. They also signified the countdown to Christmas with more and more arriving each day as Christmas got closer. It was really fun growing up to see the photos of my friends and their families (siblings and parents) and over time that’s turned into photos of […]

You get a present & you get a present!

  First, I want to say thank you so much to all of the businesses that participated in the 2015 Baltimore Gift Guide! When I decided to do this I had no idea that the response would be so great and so positive. Really the gift guide wouldn’t have been successful without my awesome readers […]