What You Haven’t Seen

Since the holidays I feel like my life has been full speed ahead! Getting back into work was really chaotic, I’ve been planning on trip to Miami next month, I’ve been full force packing and shopping for the house, and the move is this weekend. So for a lack of time to write out a decent blog post and because I’m sure you’re tired of reading all about the move (there’s one more post on Friday so hang in there!) I’ve decided to do a photo dump today of allll the pics that haven’t made it to social media over the last month. You’re welcome


 photo 3881CB32-B9E3-4BD7-8455-97166FE4731D_zpsakj6pvtf.jpg
^ I finally made a successful batch of stuffed peppers and Steve was very happy!

 photo 804AF1AB-44B4-4A39-8528-0C8046939B4B_zps59g93jpl.jpg
^ The Boathouse in Canton has one of my favorite brunches in the city

 photo B9526750-1146-48F2-8243-8D0B8E03376F_zpsg3hqubts.jpg
^ You know you’re in Delaware when there are fingerprints in the Crisco container!

 photo DA276FBE-0D53-455C-BD2E-224C8F8037D1_zpsodbsjc2m.jpg
^ My Dad (Santa) gifted us all with fanny packs since we tend to lose our phones and keys so often (check out our cell phones sticking out the front pockets)

 photo C80BF74B-C40B-4574-A9D5-45FB7E937BB7_zps1wr3bl0y.jpg
^ My brother’s favorite cake is Cinnamon Streusel and my Mom NAILED it. The cake was absolutely delicious!

 photo FD403BF6-F312-4A92-B809-2A819031EF8D_zpsrornnsuz.jpg
^ Steve and I saw Holy Ghost in DC the day before New Years Eve. It was a really great concert and maybe the loudest concert I’ve ever been to.

 photo 8ED2F9FE-19AB-468A-87D5-13673392EDFB_zpsxldjd3dp.jpg
^ Puppy lovings. Need I say more?

 photo 4AC9D329-BB31-4251-B05B-D63A61316AEB_zpsh97rpuwv.jpg
^ Last weekend Steve and I met up with a ton of my family to check out the DC Big Flea and we found THIS parked in the parking lot. Whaaaaaa?

 photo C10AC43D-5A47-4984-BED8-C3E5D71FABD0_zpsijoaapil.jpg
^ #Thatawkwardmoment when you come to work dressed like your co-worker. Thank goodness Kate is super cool or this really would have been awkward. 

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