These Are My Confessions

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It’s been a while since I’ve shared some of the inner thoughts and workings of Megan Soup. That photo up there still kills me. I can’t believe I walked through the Inner Harbor like that..jeez. 

Here ya go!

1.       If someone told me three years ago that I would someday have a blog focused on Baltimore and food, I would have laughed in their face. Baltimore was never on my radar as a place to settle down after college and I barely knew how to use pots and pans in college. One of the things I love most about this blog is the ability to see how far I’ve come!

2.       I hate cold pizza, except Papa Johns. For some reason Papa Johns is soooo much better cold.

3.       If I have a choice of drive to work or walk to work I will always choose walk to work. There is nothing I love more than starting my day with a brisk walk and the chance to check out the city first thing in the morning. I also have serious road rage and there’s no way I’m driving in the city at peak times.

4.       Homemade pasta and macaroons are at the top of my list of foods that I want to learn how to make. My boyfriend is Italian and really shows me up in the kitchen when it comes to pasta and pizza.

5.       I am naturally a networker and people person. I think growing up in a small country community definitely played into this because I can talk to anyone. I’m always on social media connecting and brainstorming ways to cross promote with Baltimore businesses- it’s my drug of choice.

6.       I didn’t drink in college. I was in a sorority (Phi Mu) but I chose to not drink. I had never been drunk before and am a control freak so I opted to always leave the party right when it started getting sloppy.

7.       Not getting drunk in college may have also been a disadvantage because the first time I was EVER drunk was at the ripe age of 22 in Denver, CO. 

8.       Speaking of places that are not Baltimore. I’ve been to Minnesota and Indiana three times each and I don’t have friends or family in either location. Most people haven’t been ONCE! I have a soft spot in my heart for Millville, MN and Knightstown, IN.

9.       Over the last year or two my anxiety has gotten worse. I’ve never really spoken about it on the blog and I’m not sure that I will ever delve deep into the topic but I’m making huge steps towards meditation and getting it under control.

10.   One of my biggest pet peeves is tardiness. I am ALWAYS early. If you schedule a meeting with me and I’m there when you walk in, don’t feel bad. It’s the only way I can function.

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  • Laura Powell

    I’ve wanted to make homemade pasta for the longest time! I’m hoping that one of these long winter nights I’ll get myself together and try it!