Bento Box Lunches

Recently while browsing Pinterest for healthy recipes I noticed that Bento Box Lunches were popping up left and right. I immediately fell in love for a few reasons: one, because I hate when my food touches so divided sections spoke to my heart and two, I was used to filling up my lunchbox with three or four individual containers which was heavy to cart around back and forth!

I spent the next hour looking at all the combinations of different fruits and vegetables and knew I had to give them a shot. I am happy to say that they are amazing. They help me with portion control and I enjoy being able to see what colors I need to add to each meal (I enjoy a colorful meal and try to make sure I have a wide variety of fruits and vegetables). are my favorites because they come in a variety of colors and are priced well!

 photo 90BFFBE7-2B4D-444B-8877-FB1192E24A96_zpsvaoh83tq.jpg
^ Salad with veggies and almonds on the side

 photo F117E59E-A85F-44F7-ADFB-495B203901BD_zpscgrrz2sz.jpg
^ Southwest Salad with protein and fruit on the side

 photo 01CB36BE-414D-4CFE-A11B-E577EB51D53C_zpsksktw5to.jpg
^ Meatloaf, white rice and broccoli

 photo 3F19F7DC-915A-4C99-B7AB-6B7C985653CC_zpsbtbu3ugr.jpg
^ Sandwich, Blueberries, & Almonds

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