My Top 5 Baltimore Restaurants

Baltimore is becoming quite the “foodie town” and I am constantly checking out reviews of new restaurants that are popping up. Working for Yelp I have become addicted to trying new restaurants in Baltimore and can’t get enough of it.

Steve and I eat out a couple times a week and while we like to try new places we also like to indulge in our favorite spots pretty often. Here are my Top 5 Favorite Baltimore Restaurants (in no particular order because I can’t choose a favorite!)

Sobo Café- You hear about Sobo quite a bit on the blog, but I can’t help it! It’s rare to live in a big city and to walk into a place and have the staff call you by name. They greet me, ask how I’m doing and have met almost everyone in my family since I bring everyone to the restaurant! The food is great, prices are good and the ambiance is even better. Sobo definitely made the top 5 list.
 photo 30EFD205-7922-4A34-AA68-BD10A1D9679D.png_zpsgoop5c7n.jpeg

HomeSlyce Pizza- Steve and I used to order HomeSlyce Pizza once a week on Friday nights when he lived in the same neighborhood as me. When he moved to the other side of town we stopped getting it as much but in the last two months they have opened a location two streets from him and I have moved closer to the original location. I forsee a lot of Homeslyce in our future!
 photo 187B4BFF-1D9E-47D1-BF47-98D294F91DEF.png_zpsjhpxahxz.jpeg

Miss. Shirleys- Another repeat offender on Soup of the Day blog. I could eat at Miss. Shirley’s every morning, but I would weigh 300 pounds. Their hashbrowns are the best I’ve ever had and I’m a sucker for any variation of their waffles. YUM.
 photo 40F01E56-C5C5-4FA5-B73D-D7B9DF86070E.png_zpszmlsaxs7.jpeg

Verde- Another pizza place! What can I say, I’m dating an Italian! Verde is one of my favorite restaurants in regards to their interior design. The rustic yet cool vibe is very inviting and gives me a lot to look at while dining. The pizza is also delicious!
 photo 05626CFE-DE76-4C13-897B-5B32DB81C612.png_zpsjdu4jgvb.jpeg

Tavern on the Square- Tavern is my go-to happy hour spot. They have tables on the sidewalk during the warmer months and I love to sit out there and people watch. The happy hour specials are some of the best I’ve seen in the city (25% off food and ½ off most drinks). I am also a huge fan of their French fries to make sure you don’t skip them!
 photo 2FC2D950-3959-4F3F-BCB9-F9C7E8EB6968.png_zpsdkolakae.jpeg

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  • Jenna Griffin

    My bestie lives in Baltimore! When I visted her a couple of years ago we went to Blue Moon Cafe and it’s sooooo good. I don’t think we visited any of the ones on your list, but thanks for sharing! We will have to try these next time!

    • Megan

      Hi Jenna! Blue Moon is great! I just don’t go there often or I would be 300 pounds! Definitely check these out while you’re in town next time!