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I’m a Cord Cutter

What is your guilty pleasure? Chocolate? Gossip magazines? TV? Yeah, I’m with you on that. My biggest guilty pleasure is television and has been for as long as I can remember. I used to stay home every Thursday night in high school to watch Survivor with my parents and summer was always about Big Brother. […]

Valentine’s Day Treats

Valentine’s Day is one of my favorite holidays ever. I know it’s just a “Hallmark Holiday” and an excuse to get consumers buying up all of the candy and jewelry out there, but I love it. Valentine’s Day is a holiday that allows me to spoil the ones I love, incorporates my favorite colors (pink […]

The Countdown is On!

In an effort to switch things up around here I’m doing a numbers post. Helene did one a few weeks ago and I loved it. I also had no other ideas on how to share the million things floating around in my head in any sort of organized manner. So here it is: 9- The […]

Slow Cooker Monday- Italian Potatoes

I love Italian food and potatoes. They are my two weaknesses when it comes to food. Imagine combining the two in one single recipe. Mind blown.  One thing I look forward to the most on the weekends is enjoying brunch. When making it at home I want the meal to be as easy as possible […]

Date Ideas- Baltimore Edition

I had a friend recently ask me for date ideas in Baltimore. I don’t consider myself a Baltimore expert by any means and this blog is indeed a lifestyle blog, not a Baltimore blog, but I do enjoy that the two worlds collide so frequently. I’ve posted about many dates I’ve had in the city […]

Why I Live in the City

Every so often family and friends ask me the question that I know is on everyone’s mind- Why do you live in the city? They know it’s expensive to live here, it’s not close to where I grew up and there are a ton of annoyances that come with city living, but I think it’s […]

The Dare Theory!

Happy Wednesday! Do you remember last year when I talked about The Dare Theory and how my good friend Jon was re-launching an event that we had so much fun doing together? Well it was a HUGE success and he’s coming back to Baltimore for round two in just a few months! What is The […]

#47 Spend a Day with Dad

#47 on the 101 in 1001 List: Spend the day with my Dad doing whatever he wants to do. On MLK day my Dad came to Baltimore! I was so excited and planned out a day at the Museum of Industry after he mentioned that he would like to check it out. I made reservations at […]

Slow Cooker Monday- Pizza Dip

This recipe is great for parties or when you have friends coming over! It’s super easy to make, takes no time at all, and tastes like pizza in dip form! Make sure that you make a LOT of the garlic bread dippers because I did not make NEARLY enough and regretted that later!     […]