Slow Cooker Monday- Superbowl Chili + Cornbread Waffles

I wasn’t feeling well over the weekend so I kept my distance from the kitchen! Instead of leaving you all hanging today without some mealtime inspiration I thought I’d share a new trick that I learned from Mix and Match Mama. 

 photo 7F062FD0-85D6-4AB6-BDE2-5363B6C6976B_zpssixp4mva.jpg

My Mom’s Superbowl Chili recipe is by far my most made slow cooker recipe. I would say I whip up a batch of it at least once a month even in the summer. I can’t get enough of it!

I made a pot of chili last week and wanted cornbread muffins to go with it, obviously! But muffins were a little too boring for what I wanted. Shay from Mix and Match Mama made cornbread batter and poured them into a waffle iron! So genius! I added some chopper up green peppers to my batter and away I went making cornbread waffles. 

Each waffle had the perfect cornbread taste and the juice from the chili soaked in just enough. Sometimes you just need to dress up your chili a little!

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  • socalledhomemaker

    What a great idea! Corn bread waffles, yum.

  • gail

    A fabulous idea! I wish I’d thought of it. And hope you’re feeling better!

  • Haley Junks

    Megan! I will definitely check out your mom’s chili because Rob is usually in charge of making chili in our house and it IS good. But a crock pot recipe I can not resist. HOWEVER- you can’t blame me when I say… heehee..your picture looks like a pup poo pooed on an Eggo.