Housewarming Party

I love a good housewarming party, probably because I have always loved homes and how they are designed and built. I especially love when my friends move into new places in the city because each house in Baltimore is so different and full of history! Byrd and I held our housewarming party on Saturday and it was such a great night. 

We had a ton of our closest friends over and drank, sang, danced, took photos at our photo booth and ATE! One of my favorite parts of the actual party was the food! We definitely had no shortage of food. 

Take a peek at how much fun we had!

 photo 29420571-7CF4-4622-A93C-8AAC556F032D_zpswzoszd4d.jpg
^ We LOVE our new bart cart!

 photo 4CD85BDE-7F08-48A2-B574-E45DCC050BF2_zpsf9xvps47.jpg

 photo 414A0783-7DB9-48D1-BF7A-F891690FBA4B_zpsz1non1bf.jpg

 photo 9F79AFAF-CDB2-45A9-99F6-F52365818E83_zpszh8aih3n.jpg


 photo F30EB179-4A00-441C-B5D5-5F52B3D115EB_zpseooknqwa.jpg
^ My old roomies came and it was so great to see them!

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  • socalledhomemaker

    Aw, looks like you had so much fun!