House Tour: Office & Bathroom

Did you catch the first post of my House Tour? If not, check it out HERE. Today is all about my office area and bathroom! Because I know everyone is dying to see my bathroom, just kidding, but it is one of the prettiest rooms in the house.

I’ve mentioned before that one of the reasons Byrd and I loved this house in particular is because the second and third floors are basically master suites. We each have our own floor complete with a bedroom, hallway/seating area, and bathroom. They are both a little different in layout, size and shape but we both have the essentials and enjoy being spread out which rarely happens in the city.

I was sold when I saw the pink bathroom. If I couldn’t have a pink bedroom at least I could have a super girly bathroom! I was also THRILLED to have my own tub. I love baths but never take them because there’s always been someone else who needed the bathroom as well.


 photo AB8AAF87-6473-4AA0-9766-A5BF18420007.png_zpssutmf3o6.jpeg

^^ I found a shower curtain I liked and everything else kind of fell together nicely with the green and pink color scheme!

 photo A8D0E00A-D44D-45E7-BAA9-10881DD996B0_zpsjlrp94k6.jpg

^^ I love love love the built in shelves that I have here. Extra storage space for the win!

When I saw the little hallway outside of my room I knew that I wanted to bring my desk back from Delaware. With blogging and Yelp work I really need a place to sit and crank out some work without having to lie in my bed or prop up in the living room. This space is still a work in progress, but I really like the direction that it’s going!

 photo 1AAEDA8A-13C2-4F95-8DFE-9B72F0330EE4_zpsppliqsrg.jpg

^^ My desk! I’m still working on organization but it’s almost where I want it

 photo 0BA90EB3-EFAA-481A-B889-1F20A7312E7D_zps1gsmtw0d.jpg

^^ A little DIY project using all of the wine corks I’ve been saving.

 photo 21F6E1C7-B1AB-482A-96FF-8F12D3D92087_zpssaxzcqjt.jpg

^^ I love the gallery wall that is shaping up on the wall behind my desk. I still have some photos to print but I think it’s going to be really great when it’s finished!

Next stop: The living room!

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  • Chelsea

    I love that shower curtain!