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I can’t believe that this is our reality right now. 

A reality where the University in which I work shuts down for fear of riots

A reality where attendees at an Orioles game are locked inside the stadium for their own safety

A reality where I can’t walk my route to work without seeing shattered store fronts

A reality where hordes of police are on every corner including docked in the harbor

A reality where innocent people are being harmed

A reality where I don’t feel safe in my own home

A reality I wish I wasn’t living in right now. 

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  • Jessica

    I, too, cannot believe what is happening to this city. As someone who lives near Baltimore and has visited countless times, the reality of this situation is incomprehensible. I am praying for all the citizens of Baltimore, police officers, and rioters included. All lives matter.

  • http://www.thegirlwholovedtowrite.com/ Chelsea

    So many prayers headed your way!

  • Laura Powell

    Prayers for your safety <3 I just hope all of this ends soon.