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101 in 1001 Update

One of my most favorite parts of blogging is the ability to look back at any given time and see what I was doing, thinking, EATING, and dreaming about. Sometimes I like going back to read the posts I wrote when Steve and I had first started dating. When I wrote those posts I had […]

Yelp Helps: Fire Relief Fundraiser

This is a call to action to all of my Baltimore friends. What are you doing Thursday night? Nothing? Good! Yelp is hosting a fundraiser along with Bad Decisions for Sean Guy, the chef and owner of Water for Chocolate.  A few weeks ago Sean experienced a day that none of us could even imagine. […]

Slow Cooker Monday- Banana Bread

My Mom makes the best banana bread! My friends in high school used to request it when they’d come over, that’s how good it is. I wanted to try to make some of my own but with a spin. This is my attempt at banana bread in the slow cooker! It didn’t turn out as […]

I have a problem…

  …I just watched the season finale of Gilmore Girls. This is it folks. The end of an era. The era of binge-watching Gilmore Girls every night before bed, when I get home from work, on snow days, and weekends. I started on Season 1 in January and just finished Season 7, the last season.  […]

Mini-Facials with R&F

When I was a teenager I was blessed with great skin and a clear complexion. Thankfully, that has continued into my adult life. In my mind, this meant that I didn’t need to do anything to take care of my skin besides wash with soap and water twice daily. I was wrong! My friend Whitney […]

DIY Party Photobooth

Did you miss the full recap of our housewarming party from last weekend? Yes? Ok, check it out HERE. You probably noticed the fun backdrop and props that we set out for our guests to enjoy. We are waiting on a piece of furniture for our living/dining area which meant we had a huge gaping […]