Fours Party

Happy Thursday everyone! It’s been super quiet around here over the last few weeks and I’m lacking original ideas in terms of content so I’m stealing the Four Party idea from Erin over at Two Thirds Hazel. I am itching to write and connect with you all, but the creative ideas are not flowing at the moment so here we go.


  1. Plant stocker at a greenhouse-This was my first job and one that I hated at the time. I worked during the winter season and it was brutal working outside in all conditions. I’m glad that I did it now because I learned all about the various types of poinsettias and winter rose.
  2. Pharmacy Technician at Walgreens- I loved working in the pharmacy. I found each of the drugs really interesting and actually considered a career in the field. The worst part was dealing with disgruntled customers when their insurance wasn’t working and they just wanted their medicine.
  3. Assistant Manager at a surf shop- This was the beginning of my OBEY Clothing obsession and love of Shepherd Fairey.
  4. Hut Babe at a marina- I spent an entire summer wearing a bikini to work every day, parasailing and riding jet skis. It was pretty awesome.

 photo hut_zpsmjb7umis.jpg
^^ I jumping in puddles on the rainy days at the marina


  1. Chapstick- I may or may not get anxious when I realize I don’t have any. I hattteeee the feeling of chapped lips.
  2. Bandaids- After almost two years of putting my feet through rough conditions while working for the zombie run company, they are super sensitive. You’d think they would have toughened up but nope.
  3. Sunnies- Sensitive lips, sensitive feet, sensitive eyes, you catching on yet?
  4. Frizz Cream- Hello summer and hair that expands when I step outside


  1. Dirty Dancing- My all-time favorite
  2. Fight Club- A classic
  3. White Christmas- My Mom and I watch this each year right before Christmas
  4. Forgetting Sarah Marshall- It’s just really funny and I love Kristen Bell


    1. Paris- Paris and London were both one trip and was a present from my parents for graduating high school. I got to take a week off from senior year to play in Europe with my Mom and family friend. So cool!
    2. Bermuda- I love love love Bermuda. I would go back every winter if I could. The last time I went was with my parents a few years ago and we stayed at the beautiful Fairmont hotel…it’s pink, enough said!
    3. Austin- Austin was one of the places I visited while working for the zombie run company and I loved the energy and feel that 6th street had. Plus the land right outside of the city was VERY Texas which I loved too.
    4. London- Graduation gift! 

 photo austin_zpsrtohtcjr.jpg^^ Austin with my best friend!



  1. Teacher- This dream lasted the longest which is a shock to me because I a). have no patience and b). am not really great with kids. 
  2. Real Estate Agent- Still something I may consider later in life since I love homes both interior design and architecture. 
  3. Meteorologist- I attended a technical high school and my tech area was Media Broadcasting. We did the morning and afternoon news every day for the school and I was the weather girl. I know how to work a green screen, let me tell you!
  4. Pharmacist- Once I learned about all the math involved this flew out the window as quickly as it came in. 


1. Why I Live in the City
2. Ipsy vs BirchBox
3. My Top 5 Baltimore Restaurants
4. Date Night Ideas (Baltimore)


  1. Burrito Bowls- Chipotle is my love language. Anyone who wants to talk about their day over a burrito bowl is someone I can hang with. 
  2. Marley- This boy has my heart and I can’t imagine a life without him in it. 
  3. My Mama- I can’t say enough about her but she is my everything. I can’t get through a day without talking to her via phone or text. 
  4. Books- Sometimes you just need to lose yourself in a story and forget about everything else around you. 

 photo mar_zpsr3sfh9hl.jpg

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  • socalledhomemaker

    Ummmm, I want to be a hut babe.

    • Megan

      It was the life! And when it rained we just hung out and watched movies on someones laptop. lol

  • Laura Powell

    I was a pharmacy tech too! That’s so funny! And I have watched Dirty Dancing probably a thousand times, but somehow it just keeps getting better. Have a great weekend! :)