Real Talk Monday


This is the first time in my personal blogging history when I’ve had something I really wanted and needed to share, but couldn’t find the words to do so. I have typed and retyped numerous blog posts and just can’t get it quite right.

When I was reading Sydney’s thoughts over at her blog The Daybook, I found myself nodding along with her post and had to share her words:

“It’s hard to write about something when you’re right in the middle of it. It’s not a story yet, and you have no idea what the ending is going to look like.”

That’s how I feel about my life right now. Unfortunately after almost two years I am single again. So I guess you could say that the story of Megan as a girlfriend has ended and I SHOULD be able to write about it. But I don’t want to write about something that just happened when everything is still so new and raw. In fact I’m almost positive I will never write about it.

Instead I want to focus on the journey of Megan. I want to focus on my next steps learning to love myself again. I want to put all of my energy and focus into working out, getting my health back on track and pushing towards my goals and dreams.

So for now I’m starting the story of just me.

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  • yogiandthehound

    Megan, it takes a lot of strength to not simply brush something under the rug and pretend it never happened. Not every post will be a victory and no one would ever expect it to be. It takes a lot of courage to acknowledge a life event like this in a public format like this, especially when it’s something so fresh. I’ll be thinking of you and hoping you are able to talk to your friends and family whenever when you need to most. Kiwi love :) -Katie

    • Megan

      Thanks Katie! I almost didn’t hit publish. It’s just so personal but it felt like this huge secret I was keeping and I needed to let it go. Love the kiwi love shoutout xoxo

  • Jill

    Oh I’m so sorry to hear this. Sending hugs & love your way. I just re-watched He’s Just Not That Into You this weekend so I immediately recognized that quote. Also I had my first appt ever with a medium this weekend and she reminded me ‘rejection is Gods protection’ so perhaps that may help too.

    • Megan

      I love that. I went to a medium for the first time over winter and she had some pretty incredible things to say. Thank you for your kind words!