High Five for Friday- Fun with Friends

Let me start by saying thank you for your kind words and love over the last week. I was very nervous about Monday’s post and almost didn’t hit publish. I just felt like I was keeping this sad secret and needed to get it off my chest to the people who love and support me. Thank you again for your positivity. It means the world to me.

This weekend is Memorial Day Weekend! Although I wish I was at home at the beach, I do NOT want to brave the traffic with everyone else to get down there so I’m staying around the city this weekend.

Buuuuut before we can talk about the weekend we have to talk about this week!

 photo 871AD245-B82D-4F41-8586-3611C6564F02_zpsg2uwqkv7.jpg

I was very lucky to have some downtime to visit with friends this week. I had a healthy dinner (with wine) with my friend Jules on Monday. We used to be roommates before I moved to a new house in January but I’m so glad we both stayed in Fed so we can see each other often! On Tuesday I had dinner with my college bestie Katie and we talked about her upcoming wedding over dinner at my favorite Baltimore restaurant. Later in the evening Byrd and I met up with my friend Michelle who currently lives in an apartment around the corner from us with a killer view! We were a litttttttle jealous! 

I’m starting on the journey to a healthier me. I have figured out a workout plan that I can stick with and am on the hunt for a 10K that I can do in the Fall. I’ve signed up for a 5K at the end of summer just to make sure I don’t completely give up on the goal. I’ve also been working on my diet and am trying to stick with the plan! I’ll talk more about that in the next few weeks! 

 photo C26AE623-47B6-476F-9D77-160E344A1925_zpsx5asjs5t.jpg

This week we had a Yelp event that I ended up hosting by myself! The difference between this one and the Mad Men event is that I planned the Mad Men event however my boss was still there and ran most of the event. This week she did the planning and I showed up to make sure everything went smoothly. We were at Bonefish Grill who pulled out ALL the stops and showed us a GREAT time! 

What are you doing this weekend?

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