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Shark Watch

Another weekend has come and gone. Thank goodness we have a long weekend in front of us and trust me when I say I am COUNTING DOWN!  Friday morning I woke up and ran some errands before heading to the beach.The drive to the beach was a little rough, getting onto the bridge was backed […]

Sticky 9 + Dad’s Bday

First, let me say a very Happy Birthday to the best man I know, my Daddy! His birthday was so close to Father’s Day this year and since I can’t get home as often as I would like we opted to celebrate both in the same weekend. I got him a gift card for Father’s […]

Tinder Do’s & Don’ts for Guys

Source Over the weekend my friend Chelsea hopped onto my Tinder account to see who of her friends were on the app. I was visiting her at the beach and she’s currently in a relationship so she’s never really used the app. We had a good time swiping through the people who were close by […]

Summer Staples

Summer Staples My wardrobe in the summer is pretty simple because I don’t handle heat very well. I typically wear shorts with a t-shirt or tank or a dress. Anytime I’m wearing the shorts and tee combo you can guarantee that I’m wearing a Mossimo Supply Brand T-Shirt from Target. They are super soft and […]

Yelp Undercover: Secret Agent Soiree

I can’t believe that the Yelper party has come and gone so quickly. My boss compared this big gala to Christmas, the night before is so exciting and once it’s here you’re happy and loving it but afterwards you are exhausted and wonder how it all went by so quickly. I’d say that’s pretty accurate. […]

Salt Life

Well guys, I’m back from the beach and so sad about it. I live for beach trips during the summer and go as often as possible since it’s my favorite time of the year. I spent Thursday and Friday of last week with one of my best friends, Chelsea, her boyfriend and her boyfriends brother.  […]

Sand Between My Toes

Everyone has a happy place. A place where they feel that they can let go completely, be their true self, and breathe a little easier. In the city that place is Federal Hill for me. The view alone is inspiring and makes my heart happy. I always go there to clear my mind or celebrate […]

The Good, The Bad & The Ugly P.1

Weekend recaps can get a little boring. I mean, I know you enjoy them because I can see the page views are a lot higher than a subscription box review, but most of the time I get bored writing them. So let’s switch things up a little this week and maybe for a few weeks […]

RocksBox Review

Another box subscription review! Are you excited?! A few weeks ago I noticed a new box subscription floating around the Internet called Rocksbox. Rocksbox allows you to create a jewelry profile detailing your preferences in regards to rings vs necklaces and statement vs dainty pieces. I got my first box in the mail and didn’t […]

House Tour: Deck

One of the best things about living in Baltimore City is the amount of houses with decks. If you were to ride over the city with an aerial view you’d see rooftop decks and side decks on almost every house. Because of this Byrd and I knew we wanted a deck on our new house […]