The Good, The Bad & The Ugly P.1

Weekend recaps can get a little boring. I mean, I know you enjoy them because I can see the page views are a lot higher than a subscription box review, but most of the time I get bored writing them. So let’s switch things up a little this week and maybe for a few weeks to come until I get bored again.

Here is The Good, The Bad & The Ugly from this week:

The Good-

This weekend I saw the O’s beat the Yankees, treated my parents to a bbq dinner at Harborque, shook my booty on the dance floor with my favorite dance partner (hint, she also lives with me), watched a ton of episodes of The Following, and supported the AVAM and their annual Kinetic Sculpture Race.

 photo 51730729-D1A5-43A6-AF51-1B81CB59D1F9_zpspdiwhmpu.jpg

^^The O’s killed it. I went with some friends and although my legs were melting into the seat I had a great time.

 photo F67E055C-C502-4849-B53C-87AC58BD7B85_zpsixythzrl.jpg

^^ The Kinetic Sculpture Race

Does anyone else watch The Following? Byrd and I are about halfway thru Season 1 and can’t get enough! I need to talk about it with anyone who watches!

The Bad-

Mar went home. You wanna talk about being sad…I was a hot mess when he left and then continued to look around for him for a solid day and a half. Each time was super depressing. However, I was able to sleep in on Sunday which I haven’t done in quite some time and it was glorious.

 photo 2CEDA4CF-D5D3-490B-96F7-6B7963FD7D5C_zpsjtvwsaor.jpg

^^ Mar

The Ugly-

I really want to be honest on here because one of my pet peeves in the world of blogging is that so few people actually share the good AND the bad. Not everything is sunshine and rainbows and it’s nice to show that I am human sometimes.

Saturday night Byrd and I went out with some friends and lately we’ve been heading to Fells Point because it’s a little less college-y and there are more young professionals. It’s also a little more spread out and not so crowded. Saturday night though we stuck close to home and it might be the last time I do that for a while. I love to dance, but actually dance, not grind with a stranger in a dark corner. Unfortunately there are many boys in Federal Hill who don’t understand why that offer would be turned down and I had some boys who were not very happy with me.

I don’t go out on the weekends to pick up people and take them home. That’s not the type of girl I am, have been or ever will be.  I left the bar feeling disgusted in their behavior and slightly discouraged. I mean, I never thought I would fall in love with someone I met at a bar, but the population that I ran into Saturday night makes me concerned about the single people out there. That’s what I have to choose from?! So ridiculous. Oh well, my kinda guy isn’t hammered at the bar every weekend anyway.


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  • Katie Benney

    The Kinetic Sculpture Race looks awesome! I live my single life vicariously through you. However, I’m glad you stood up for yourself this past weekend. I love that certain guys get angry after a hand is laid on us and something is said. As if we’re the crazy lady who should like their hands on us. GET A LIFE, MAN! On that note Go, O’s!

  • Macy Volpe

    hahaha this is the first time I am reading this post, I totally thought I was following you in June and am pretty sure I read every post once I started reading it. BTW this is totally random but did I ever tell you that Meg from Borrowed Heaven was the person that told me to start reading your blog, lol okay anyways….
    Since Dave lived in Fed we always went out there and I absolutely LOVE Stalking Horse but Dave HATES it because there are so many “bros”. But it’s always so fun to dance there, mostly when upstairs is open because the pervy guys are too drunk to go up another flight of steps. This reminded me that I haven’t been out in Fed for like 8 months. What is this life?!

    WOW that was one random comment ha sorry. Can you tell I am glad to see your blog is up 😉

    • Megan

      LOVED READING THIS hahaha. Did I tell you that I JUST made the connection of who Meg is. She and I were on the North East Bloggers Network together but then somehow I lost her and then you ended up reintroducing me to her. It’s some crazy circle we’ve got going on here.
      I LOVE LOVE LOVE stalking horse because I love to dance and the second floor is my jam. I went one time on a Tuesday at 9pm with my roommate just to dance without all the dudes getting handsy haha. Come play in Fed soon? 😉
      YAY MY BLOG DIDN’T TOTALLY CRASH! Aren’t you glad? Because now you can read about my shamblicious single life haha