Sand Between My Toes

Everyone has a happy place. A place where they feel that they can let go completely, be their true self, and breathe a little easier. In the city that place is Federal Hill for me. The view alone is inspiring and makes my heart happy. I always go there to clear my mind or celebrate a personal accomplishment. In Delaware, the house I grew up in and the town that built me provide those feelings of peace and tranquility but so does the beach. 

I grew up about 30 minutes from Fenwick Island Delaware and because I dated a boy whose family owned the FI lighthouse, I was there all the time. For four years I spent every summer living there and working and spent the winters visiting with friends and enjoying the beach tourist free. 

I have so many memories there. It’s a ten mile stretch of land and water that holds so many memories, accomplishments, stolen kisses, heartbreak, displays of true friendship and secrets. As soon as my toes dig deep into the sand my heart is happy. 

I’ll be at the beach for the next couple of days spending time with family and friends. Have a great rest of the week and weekend friends!

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  • Chelsea

    Have the best time ever!

  • Macy Gutermuth

    I have family in Bethany Beach and have many of the same memories. No matter how many beaches I travel to, or stumble open, those beaches and memories will always have a special place in my heart!