Yelp Undercover: Secret Agent Soiree

I can’t believe that the Yelper party has come and gone so quickly. My boss compared this big gala to Christmas, the night before is so exciting and once it’s here you’re happy and loving it but afterwards you are exhausted and wonder how it all went by so quickly. I’d say that’s pretty accurate.

A Yelper Party is a large scale event that happens once (sometimes twice) in a year gathering local food vendors, entertainment and alcohol to celebrate the Yelpers in the community and the businesses we support. This year’s party was held at the Horseshoe Casino and the theme appropriately enough was a James Bond/Spy inspired evening titled “Yelp Undercover: A Secret Agent Soiree”. I fell in love with the theme immediately! Not only did I grow up watching all of the old James Bond movies with my Dad but we went to the theater to see each new movie as it came out. I used to have the James Bond theme song as my ring tone and have toured the Dezer Collection in Miami which holds a large amount of Bond memorabilia including cars from the movies.

I knew immediately that I was going full glitz and glam and was channeling my inner Bond Girl for this party. I went on Rent The Runway and fell in love with a floor length gold sequined dress, but couldn’t get over the $80 price tag for one night. I was also concerned that since I was going to be working most of the evening I might damage the dress while moving around quickly and fixing problems as they arose. While trying to come up with a solution I remembered that my senior year prom dress was still at my parents house and would be PERFECT for this theme. The red floor length dress with a deep v and high slit was perfect but a long shot. Would it still fit? I mean really, I wore the dress 7 years ago, who was I kidding?

 photo D4EBCEB7-FDFE-4728-866F-A43CCE48004F_zpsagv4zg3j.jpg

I went home a couple of weeks ago and asked my Mom to assist in trying on the dress. It fit. I could NOT believe it. It didn’t fit as well as it did when I was 18 but it looked great and did the job. I had to take little breaths throughout the night because I couldn’t really breathe in it, but that’s just a minor detail.

All in all the night was a huge hit. It was really great to be able to see Elites that frequent our events and meet new Yelpers that don’t come out that often. I was able to eat some delicious treats, sip on some VERY yummy cocktails and spend time with some of my favorite people.

I’ll leave you with some photos of the night.

 photo 8975F5B8-B3E7-489F-A5FC-4FCE11EC2B13_zpsdkj2syno.jpg

 photo C643A855-BF54-47ED-A2EA-533A724F102E_zpshm4uidzx.jpg

 photo 707E99D2-7535-4D9B-913A-72CC2B2E5B19_zpsl4c0ce9t.jpg

 photo 58A908DA-6D89-49CB-9B54-6D396B1F3BF6_zpswymir4ts.jpg

 photo 35FEB7A6-17D3-47A6-939D-5D3F01E35BA7_zpsvgua7a4b.jpg

 photo 35EFFF30-0186-4D8A-8161-64FB0B38D5F5_zpskdg3z3wg.jpg
^ My boss, Elsa!

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