One week down!

Happy Monday everyone! I can’t believe it’s already been a week since I started my new position! The first week went by so quickly, but I’m happy to report that I’m loving everything I’ve been working on. In my first five days I ran two events, attended two meetings for upcoming events, placed orders for a huge event coming up in October and was introduced to more people than I could count. I FINALLY feel like I’m doing what I’ve been dreaming about and it feels realllly good. I have a huge event this coming Friday that I’ll be working alone as well and we are expecting about 300 people to attend! 

But before we talk about this week, I need to fill you in on what’s been happening in my life over the last week! 

 photo 0D0A6BC2-6F99-47D0-8E2E-7440134E4FC4_zpsjmw6rw5g.jpg
^ My new commute is pretty great. If I want to walk I can walk around the harbor checking out some of the best views of the Inner Harbor and getting in some exercise. If I don’t want to walk I can take the connector which is a water taxi that goes from my neighborhood STRAIGHT to my building. I mean I couldn’t plan that better if I tried! This is the view from the boat while heading to my second day of work. 

 photo 18357EC8-F098-4BC3-994A-DBEBA74A0993_zpsyxx0urao.jpg

^^ One of the coolest things that my new company has produced is the Water Wheel. It collects trash from the water and deposits the trash into a giant dumpster so we can dispose of it properly. We are currently raising funds to make another one for Baltimore!

 photo 4F1431BD-67C0-41ED-AEE6-8BA361EE7569_zpslsfwfhzx.jpg

^^ The park where I will be hosting most of my events.

 photo AB7CDA7F-B1AE-4330-9A2B-6FEECC237968_zpsvnjuplcz.jpg

^^On Wednesday I worked our bocce games that we co-sponsor with the Special Olympics of Maryland. I had no idea what to expect but playing bocce with their athletes was the perfect thing to do after a long day at work. I had such a great time! I’ll be playing again for the next two weeks!

 photo 4B2CFF8D-AEAB-4E65-B178-F8586A56D27C_zpsbq8jlcaz.jpg

^^I worked an event on Friday and went to introduce myself to the food truck we had at the event since we use him for most of our events. We were chatting and he offered me a piece of piece, unfortunately since I’m lactose intolerant I have to take medicine to eat cheese and didn’t have any with me. The next thing I knew Joey was hand delivering a cheese-less pizza loaded with lots of veggies. It was so sweet and unexpected. We really do have some of the greatest people in Baltimore.

I’m looking forward to this event and working two more events! 

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  • socalledhomemaker

    That sounds like the best first week of work, ever! So sweet of that food trucker to bring you a cheese-less pizza!