Social Media and Relationships

10 years ago I didn’t have a Facebook but my Myspace page was hopping. 15 years ago I didn’t have a Myspace but I did have a public journal on Kiwibox (side note I still keep in touch with two people from that time! Hi Katie and Ashley!) I’ve always had some form of social media, I’ve always been writing and I’ve always been connecting with others from behind a screen and a keyboard. It’s weird to look back and see the progression of not only our society and the way we interact but also myself and my interests.

I’ve always been a sharer and a networker. It’s amazing that it took me until my sophomore year of college to finally settle on a major of Communications with a focus on Public Relations. Throughout college I took courses on social media and even considered looking for jobs focusing on Social Media Marketing. While that’s still a topic that interests me, I enjoy doing events and rolling in the social media promotion as part of my job.

That brings me to using social media as part of my personal life. I have a blog, I have an Instagram account with over 700 followers, I have a Facebook page that I post on daily and I sometimes use Twitter. My life is on blast 24/7 and I don’t mind it. I like connecting with people around me and sharing my life with them to find common interests. However, not everyone in my life has been a huge fan of how open I am. My last two relationships were kept private and I kinda hated it. I dated a co-worker so that one is pretty self-explanatory and I dated someone who was a very private person. It was tough.

Social media is a part of my life and unfortunately, I couldn’t share that with either one of them. I’m not saying that I want to put my significant other on blast but sometimes I feel like I’m not telling the whole story without including them, especially on my blog. It’s important to me to be able to share stories that involve the special person in my life and to be able to document the trips and moments that make up my life. 

A sweet, sweet friend of mine referred to this period of time as my Wisdom Journey. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t completely take that idea and run with it. Since ending a long term relationship I’ve been focused on getting to know myself better and really thinking about what I want in future relationships. Social Media and this blog and finding someone who embraces it is something that is important to me. I want the next person in my life to be a fan of Soup of the Day Blog and support me in every aspect of this passion of mine. #WisdomJourney 

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