July Goals Recap

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This month flew by! The best and HOTTEST month of summer is behind us. I love summer and fully plan to enjoy the last month of it, but I’m also very very excited for Fall. There is nothing I want more than to wear my favorite booties, leather jacket and actually have straight hair for once!

Read two books– This month has been insanely busy, but I’ve still found time to do one of my favorite activities- reading. I read Down the Rabbit Hole by Holly Madison and The Hypnotist’s Love Story by Lianne Moriarty. 

Down the Rabbit hole was my guilty pleasure book for the month. I used to watch Girls Next Door when it was on tv and absolutely loved Holly out of Hef’s three girlfriends. After reading the book I have an entirely different outlook on the show. 

Lianne did it again with The Hypnotist’s Love Story. This one was a little hard to get into but once I got through the first chapter I was hooked! So far I have loved everything that I’ve read by her and just ordered another new book. 

Try a new recipe– With a busy month comes no time in the kitchen. I ate out a lot this month and although it’s been fun to catch up with friends and eat out, I miss making meals! Making cast iron pizza is still the number one meal on my to-do list.

Visit a farmers market– Yesssss! I finally made it to the Fells Point Farmers Market! I woke up early one Saturday and met one of my sorority sisters there. We had so much fun wandering through the market checking out the organic foods, crafts, and jewelry being sold. I went to the market for the sole reason of getting a Diablo Donut and some coffee from Zekes. We did just that and then sat by the water enjoying our donuts and catching up on life. 

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Run two miles without stopping– Yeahhhhhh not so much. Although- I am getting a gym membership and am really looking forward to getting healthy. 

Meet three new people– Byrd and I were social butterflies this month. I’ve made a handful of new friends that I’m looking forward to getting to know better. I’ve also been putting myself out there more and have more time out with friends and less time at home. 

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