Confession Session V.4

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Confession Session Pt.4?

I can’t believe I have enough awkward/embarassing/random facts and stories to list out in four blog posts…yikes. 

Welp. Here goes nothing:

1. I starfish when I sleep- aka spread out my legs and arms taking up the whole bed. I’m also a cover stealer. You can’t say you haven’t been warned. 

2. The texture and sound of cotton (cotton balls, cotton swabs, cotton face wipes) gives me INSTANT goosebumps. Instead of nails on a chalkboard or teeth scraping along a fork, I can’t handle cotton. 

3. I had never made an alcoholic drink before Cinco de Mayo this year. This is partly due to the fact that I don’t drink a lot of alcohol which means I don’t reallllllly know a lot about it. Can you imagine the surprise of the man working at the liquor store when I asked him what went into a margarita…

4. I am a creature of habit. I have a system in the grocery store and don’t deviate from it. I open the same tabs in chrome every time I log on. I clean my room every night before I go to bed. I’ve been told I’m predictable. Imagine that. 

5. Vanilla is my favorite scent. I have vivid memories of my grandmother’s house and a particular candle that smelled so delicious. A few weekends ago I passed a store with candles on display out front and the smell took me right back to that place. 

6.  I have to spell check embarrass, inconvenient, and license every time I write them out.

7. When I try on clothes at a store I definitely dance in them. They aren’t worth buying if I can’t drop it down low and bring it up slow comfortably. 

8. Speaking of dancing, I really only know a few dance moves and then just flail the rest of the time. 

9. I currently own about 15 chapsticks. One in every purse, one at my desk, one at my bedside table, one at work and one in the car. I seriously, seriously, hate the feeling of chapped lips. 

10. I sweat so much in the summer and always wear black or white. People often ask why I’m wearing black in direct sunlight and my response is always the same, at least you can’t see my sweat!

Tell me some of your confessions!

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  • Macy Volpe

    haha thought this post I found myself nodding my head. I have a chapstick obsession, I love vanilla as a scent and a flavor, and I am terrible at spelling license (and restaurant). I am going to have to add dancing in clothes when I try them on, thats such a good idea. Especially in pants!