Baltimore Bucket List P.2

Baltimore has been my home for a little over three years. I came to the city from a small town in Delaware where farm animals far outnumber people. I came from a world of chain restaurants, miles and miles between point A and point B, and a lack of things to do.

After my first few months in Baltimore I made a bucket list of all things Baltimore I wanted to see/do/visit/experience. You can check out my lists HERE.

 You’d think I would have seen everything by now, but I feel like I’m constantly adding to my Bucket List, which is super cool. Baltimore is the perfect city for me. It’s big enough that I can feel the energy of a buzzing city, big enough that I meet new people all the time, and big enough that I am always out and about doing things. At the same time it’s small enough that I can get most places without driving, small enough that I can make a name for myself in my field, and small enough that I can visit a few neighborhoods in one day.

 I’ve revised my Baltimore Bucket list and here’s what I’m left with (this post would have photos if Imgur and Photobucket were working):


The Peabody Library– Ya’ll. This place looks heavenly. I’ve seen photos of weddings that happen here and I don’t think I’ve ever seen a more beautiful backdrop.

 Cylburn Arboretum– This has been on my list for a while, but I’m thinking some girl time walking through the garden would be the perfect way to spend an afternoon.

 Reginald F. Lewis Museum– I pass this museum almost daily and have never been inside! They also have a Flag House in the back and I’m dying to take photos in front of. New blog sidebar photos? Yes please!

 Baltimore Museum of Art– as an art lover I can’t believe I still haven’t been here. I think because it’s not in my neighborhood, I usually just hit up the AVAM instead.

 Fort McHenry– Another place that has been sitting on my list since day one in the city. Honestly, I’ve been waiting for a day with my Dad in the city to check this out. My Dad is a huge history buff specifically the Civil War and I really enjoy learning with and from him.

 I’m hoping to check a few of these off over the next few weeks.

 Have you been to any of these?



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