Riding Dirty & Other Shenanigans

It’s Monday, friends. It was a really great weekend which makes Monday that much harder to swallow. Take a peek at some highlights from my weekend!

On Friday House of Cards filmed on one the parks we manage! And guess who typed up the contract?! THIS CHICK! How cool is that? I popped over in the afternoon to check on how things were going. But I got yelled at for taking a picture so whoops!

 photo 43ED799C-8CA9-466C-B823-87DDA54DA81B_zpseznu3iby.jpg
^^ I don’t think I mentioned it, but my good friend from college is back in Maryland after spending the summer in Wyoming and I’m so happy to have him back! We met at my favorite mexican restaurant for some delicious tacos and margs and welcomed the weekend with open arms!

 photo 6E8C6D79-3CDC-4DF3-BAF1-DD0AC180CBF1_zps1gcha19y.jpg
^^ Saturday afternoon my friend Jon (I’ve mentioned him so many times, you know who I’m talking about!) was hosting his last Baltimore Dare Theory! I volunteered for a few hours to help him out and had the chance to test out a flow rider as well. I learned that I have NO BALANCE. 

 photo 5DD14EED-D5FA-47F8-B0F7-D99F293A68EC_zpselofon11.jpg
^^ Sunday was my first official blate! I’ve been friends with some Baltimore bloggers for a while but  we had never met. Blogging is a weird thing and having friends who you know so much about and have supported through really rough times but have never even hugged is crazy! I was so happy to squeeze these three ladies and thank them for their sweet comments online. We are already planning our blate for next month! Make sure you check out Annie, Macy and Laura‘s blogs! 

 photo C14EC1DA-3758-483E-BFF1-090E3D89B2A8_zpsctpatz4j.jpg
^^ For Yelp I was asked to live tweet while watching the Emmys. Thank goodness for my best friend Michelle and her cable because we turned the evening into a girls night. A margherita pizza and a nutella calzone made the night for us!

I hope you had a great weekend!


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  • http://www.thedemczakdays.com Annie Demczak

    So much to say!
    1. My husband is a HUGE House of Cards fan and totally freaked out when he saw them filming! So cool you wrote up the contract, ya big hot shot!
    2. Papi’s is the bomb. I like it way more than Nacho Mama’s. GASP.
    3. I love pretty much any photo of you on the flow rider. Just saying.
    5. Amy Poehler is my idol and her being super thug at the Emmy’s was hilarious!

    • Megan

      Papi’s is amazing. I could eat there everyday. I’ve actually never been to Nacho Mamas but I’ll still be a Papi’s die hard fan for sure! lol IRL friends are the best! So so so happy that we finally made it happen! xoxo

  • http://totravelandbeyond.com/ Macy Volpe

    I love that House of Cards films all around Baltimore. My mom worked for them last season! I am so happy we FINALLY met, so much still to come for the Baltimore Blates! I CAN NOT WAIT!!

    • Megan

      Your mom worked for them?! So cool! It was crazy trying to get everything signed so quickly but it worked out!

  • Laura Powell

    Finally catching up and it’s WEDNESDAY. That’s embarrassing.

    It was an absolutely blast getting to know you, Macy, and Annie IN PERSON! So excited for our next blate! I’m sad that Dare Theory is ending since my friends and I had so much fun last year, but I’m glad that you got to help out and try the flow rider! I’m also very glad that you didn’t hurt yourself!