Goodbye to Online Dating

Did you check out my post last week on the dating apps taking over my life and the lives of every other 20 something year old in the city? If not, you might want to start there to get some framework on the topic at hand today.

 Dating today involves technology and lots of it. I don’t know any other way of dating, but my Mom is floored every time I call her with a new story about my dating life. The idea of meeting someone online and messaging/texting before deciding to meet in person is just crazy. I look at it from a completely different viewpoint because it’s all I’ve known. I think I’m pretty good at flirting via text and can continue that in real life. Still, it’s weird.

 I’m not ashamed to admit that I’ve been on the Tinder grind for most of the summer and have dated people from the app. Unfortunately for me I’ve also been burned by the people I’ve dated through the app. I guess that’s dating in general but I feel like technology is definitely a huge factor in the demise of relationships whether they’re new or years old.

 For one, there’s always someone else. With Tinder it’s so easy to keep the app going in the background and just move on to someone who seems more interesting than the person standing right in front of you. Guys don’t have to wine and dine a girl to impress her anymore- just making a match on the app is exciting enough.


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Secondly, there are too many other distractions. When I make a new friend I immediately add them as a friend on Facebook, add them on Snapchat and follow them on Instagram. Everyone has a past and unfortunately social media is a quick way to learn about that past.

 My dating life has been a rough one to say the least and it all stems back to how I’m meeting the people I’m dating. Meeting people online works out for some, but not for most. A few weeks ago I kicked the dating apps to the curb and gave up the Tinder grind cold turkey.

 From here on out, whatever happens, happens. I’m just going to enjoy the ride.



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  • Christine Everyday

    Good for you for kicking it to the curb if it isn’t working for you! Most people just keep doing the same thing expecting different results, which we all know is the definition of insanity!

  • Chelsea

    Good for you, lady!

  • gail

    Sending hugs today and everyday! Love you!

  • Macy Volpe

    You go girl! I have faith that you will find an awesome man that treats you right without those apps!

  • Haley Junks

    Yeah, if I was in a situation where I had to do online dating, I’m not so sure I’d be very into it either. My coworker has been sniffing around the apps and it looks like it would totally consume you.. I don’t know.. I say kick it old school and see what happens too.