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Confessions P.5

*  It’s been a little while since I’ve done one of these and every time I start to draft a new confessions post I question why I even post these. My main motivation behind sharing confession posts is simply to be real with my readers. One of my biggest pet peeves is reading posts from […]

Halloween with Yelp

This week I attended the Yelp Baltimore Monster Mash event at a new apartment complex in my neighborhood. This was my first time attending a Yelp Baltimore event as opposed to working it because I sadly left Yelp in September. My love for Yelp and Yelp Baltimore is real and it was one of the […]

Falling for Baltimore

When my girl Macy announced that she was hosting a link-up about fall in your city I knew I wanted to join the fun! Fall is my favorite season for so many reasons- crunchy leaves, trips to the pumpkin patch, apple cider donuts, Halloween, bonfires, and cool evenings. Baltimore knows how to bring it when […]

The Great Baltimore Oyster Festival

Two events six days apart…that is crazy! But we did it!  Since July I’ve been most excited about The Great Baltimore Oyster Festival because it was a brand new event and this was the first year! We teamed up with the Chesapeake Bay Foundation and planned one awesome event! Oyster Fest was even more successful […]

Inversions Don’t Scare Me

Remember that time I took an Intro to Aerial Silks class and fell in love? Well, since that first intro class I’ve taken three more! Tuesdays have now been blocked off so I can go to silks class and I’ve never been more terrified/excited/challenged/obsessed by anything in my entire life. I’ve attended class when there’s […]

Pumpkins & Ponies & Llamas- OH MY!

When I first started working for Waterfront Partnership in July I was told that my first two big events would be in October and were only 6 days apart. On my very first day my boss handed me all of the agreements they had made so far (not many) and told me to run with […]

Around the web

Happy Monday everyone! I got to sleep in today since our event was yesterday and let me tell you it was GLORIOUS. I needed those extra zzzzz’s to recharge and get pumped to do some last minute planning for my second event in 6 days! In the meantime, here are some things that I’ve noticed […]

Travel Bug

The travel bug has bitten me. I’m serious. I usually take weekend trips fairly often but with starting a new job this summer and working every weekend for 8 weeks…I’ve been spending most of my time in Baltimore. I’m not complaining because I’ve had the chance to check out new restaurants and explore my city […]

Halloween in Baltimore

Halloween is my all time favorite holiday. I’m all about the creepy crawly decorations, the gross edible treats and coming up with the best costume I possibly can. I also really hate enjoy all the scary stuff that comes with the holiday. I grew up less than a mile away from a haunted house. In […]

SOTD Recipes: Stuffed Pepper Soup

 It’s Fall ya’ll! Fall to me means lots of delicious treats like pumpkin dip, superbowl chili, and soup. Lots and lots of soup recipes will be tested out this month and next and will carry over into the winter. Basically anything that I can make in bulk amounts and is delicious and warm will be […]