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Happy Monday everyone!

I got to sleep in today since our event was yesterday and let me tell you it was GLORIOUS. I needed those extra zzzzz’s to recharge and get pumped to do some last minute planning for my second event in 6 days! In the meantime, here are some things that I’ve noticed while browsing the interwebs and thought I’d share. 

This article from The Baltimore Sun all about the top 10 breakfast and brunch places in Baltimore. 

This blog post from Annie who writes over at The Demczak Days. She is one of the best writers I’ve ever come across. Real tears happened while I read this. I want that life- when the everyday actions remind you of how much you’re loved. 

This jacket has me making heart eyes. I have a knee length “sleeping bag” jacket for the really cold days, but I want a shorter jacket I can wear around the harbor and still look professional. Yes please. 

This AWESOME video of a bridesmaids speech has been floating around the internet for months and every.single.time. someone posts it I watch it AGAIN. It’s so good!

In case you’re looking for last minute DIY costumes- This article from A Beautiful Mess is pretty awesome. I’m kinda loving the Fries Before Guys costume!

 If none of those are appealing, check out this tutorial from Kallie at But First Coffee for a SUPER cute unicorn DIY!

This article about the 5 Love Languages made the think about the people around me and which love language would be theirs


Happy Monday!

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  • Macy Volpe

    OMG, how have I not seen that bridesmaids video before?! It was SO GOOD. I am dying.