Inversions Don’t Scare Me

Remember that time I took an Intro to Aerial Silks class and fell in love? Well, since that first intro class I’ve taken three more! Tuesdays have now been blocked off so I can go to silks class and I’ve never been more terrified/excited/challenged/obsessed by anything in my entire life. I’ve attended class when there’s only been three of us and I’ve attended class when eight people have showed up. Each class is different but they’ve all been so much fun. 

Over the last month I’ve learned how to do these moves:

 photo 2E44DF52-823F-45CC-A5BD-C079CD411CDB_zps76im4vce.jpg
^^The fountain. It looks so easy but my foot lock is pretty legit and I’m about a foot off the ground!

 photo EE7B77FE-5B69-436B-B290-DD66E7F0A542_zpsvgb5ntlf.jpg
^^ The sail- it was such a strange feeling to let go of the silks make the ones behind me look pretty!

 photo 66937F6A-DA16-49D4-BAC2-222DF82C4EDD_zpslgja9jgv.jpg
^^Standing hammock. This should look a little more graceful but that will come in time. I had to go from standing to sitting and back up without stepping out of the silks. It was so hard!

 photo EDA76A49-7D03-4045-8565-950F3D176F7C_zps4hv10iau.jpg  photo 405259E9-B398-4590-A77F-EAD1A2E585B6_zpsauc8yzxb.jpg
^^ This class was a strength and conditioning class and it reallllly kicked my butt. I’m good with moves that require more leg work than arms but the point of s&c is to work on those arms! I was feeling a little discouraged and got even more nervous when I was asked to try an inversion. Going upside down has been my biggest fear thus far, but it something that has to be done so I gave it a shot! You have no idea how humbling it is to have an instructor help you life your butt and legs into the air! BUT I DID IT! 

I want to continue to document my journey on the blog and share with you all the crazy moves I’m learning. I hope you’re down for the ride!


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  • Jenn

    That’s so fun! I always love watching the aerial silk dancers at the Renaissance Faire! It definitely takes some balls to do that!

    • Megan

      Those ladies are incredible! I don’t know if I’ll ever get to that point but for now it’s just fun to try!

  • Laura Powell

    AMAZING! I seriously love seeing your progress each time you post! Keep going girl! :)

    • Megan

      Thanks lady!!!! xoxo

  • Macy Volpe

    But seriously I need to just do this. You are incredible. Maybe I can install some silks in my house and you can teach me 😉

    • Megan

      Uhm yes please! Then we can just swing all day! If you decide to take the intro class I’ll come with you and then after that you can come to all the classes with me since all the levels go at the same time

  • Katie Hutchinson

    That looks like fun!! Maybe I will tag along with you one time!! :)