The Great Baltimore Oyster Festival

 photo oysterfest_zpsluhn1hqd.jpg

Two events six days apart…that is crazy! But we did it!

 Since July I’ve been most excited about The Great Baltimore Oyster Festival because it was a brand new event and this was the first year! We teamed up with the Chesapeake Bay Foundation and planned one awesome event!

Oyster Fest was even more successful than we imagined. We ordered 5,000 oysters and went thru them in two hours! We had to go out and bring back 1500 more oysters and ran out of those thirty minutes before the end of the event. While I would have preferred to not run out at all, it was a good problem to have and proved that more people attended than we expected. 

We had oysters for purchase (both raw and cooked), Dooby’s set up two bars, two bands played, food trucks sold options other than oysters, we offered free boat tours and about eight organizations tabled to speak about Chesapeake Bay Oysters and their benefit to our water. It was a GREAT day and I’m so happy it was a success. 

Now for the photos:

 photo 6F38B749-8899-499F-ADA9-8B219AA758B1_zpse6kbjro6.jpg
^ Boats were docked across the promenade from the park and allowed patrons to tour them. 

 photo 4D50B513-4912-4A4B-87CD-FAEDBF647A4F_zps9luswtts.jpg
^ Cooked oysters!

 photo F5B58E6D-8BA9-44D9-83B4-082F6BA07F49_zps1qxoatdj.jpg
^ The shuckers were moving so quickly, I was floored! 

 photo AB937459-D4C5-48E5-9F08-214C5484237A_zpsfgjxpxke.jpg
^ The East Port Oyster Boys and the High and Wides played throughout the festival

 photo 318061F7-6937-4D5D-B6E4-F8ABAC28FA73_zpsbk5lgp5z.jpg
^ We had five oyster stations with different varieties at each station. 


 photo 9F0417E2-7594-438F-B22C-912D27902BA6_zpslah3ss7p.jpg
^ Empty oyster shells ready to be recycled

 photo 3CEC525F-BC04-425C-B4AF-A8AF62F7B9E9_zpszac2wjrj.jpg


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  • Jenn

    Sounds like a great time! I really wish I went to more events in Baltimore, but to be honest it’s the paying more to park my car then for the event I’m going to that deters me.

  • Mar

    This festival would be right up my alley! yum!

  • Macy Volpe

    You pulled off an amazing event and I can’t wait to support you next year!!

  • Katie Hutchinson

    Sad I missed it!! Fingers crossed we can make it next year if you do it again!