Archives for October 2015

Living that lactose free life

Did you know that 30-50 million Americans are lactose intolerant? I’m not standing alone over here and it’s good to know that there are others in the same boat as me.  I haven’t always been lactose intolerant. I was unable to digest dairy as a baby but outgrew it and enjoyed milk and cheese until […]

All The Fall Things

So I went a little MIA last week. We all have those weeks or months when we just don’t feel like writing. Last week was one of those weeks. Instead of cranking out content that I wasn’t totally happy with I chose to just enjoy my week and not put pressure on myself to write. […]

You know you’re an event planner when…

I seriously love my job. It took me a few years in college to figure out exactly what I wanted to do but once I did, I ran with it and haven’t looked back since.  People ask me all the time what my major was to become an event planner and what type of classes […]

Bye September, Hello October

September is over and I’m not really that sad about it. With it brought cooler temperatures and the beginning of Fall. I have so much going on in October that I’m looking forward to, but so many great things happened in September as well! Football season started, I took an aerial silks class, House of […]