Blates on Blates on Blates

When the Baltimore blogger babes and I became friends IRL (in real life) we decided to get together once a month to catch up and do something fun. After four blates (Blogger dates) I can honestly say that I seriously love getting together with these ladies. I don’t know anyone else who I could openly talk to about blog issues, politics, boy stuff, and work in one afternoon over brunch. 

For November we planned our monthly get together- crepes. Unfortunately we weren’t able to indulge but we made up for it with an AMAZING brunch at Koopers Tavern! I’ve had their burgers from the Chowhound Food Truck but I had never been to their restaurant before. Koopers is officially being added to my favorite restaurants in Baltimore list. Everything on the menu looked delicious and that’s rare for me to say! 

I started with a boozy hot chocolate. Tis the season friends! The marshmallow on top was the icing on the cake and I had to eat it all in one mouthful…

 photo ADF34F15-35CD-47E2-AC8D-393F6C64D63B_zpsszqg7qoc.jpg

Annie, Laura, Macy and I were so busy chatting that I forgot to snap a picture of my food! I had eggs, breakfast potatoes, bacon, toast and fruit. So much food but so good!

After filling our tummies we met up with Annie’s husband, Brandon, who we have dubbed as our official photographer. We took so many silly jumping photos, normal photos and even a video of us ATTEMPTING to do the robot (Macy’s robot was the new flexible kind). 

 photo 1A911749-DC60-4623-99A1-D56F7EE890EB_zpsocujgzyy.jpg

I’m always sad to say goodbye to these ladies after each visit and we group text as we are getting in our cars to head home but this time was different because WE SAW EACH OTHER THE NEXT DAY!

The first event I had at the ice rink was a Pajama Skate. We encouraged patrons to come to the rink in their pjs for the chance to win a gift card to a local restaurant for brunch. I mentioned it to the girls and they were all in to spend back to back days together and skate in their pjs. 

But they weren’t dressed in your average plaid flannel pj bottoms- no, bloggers go all out. We were all in fuzzy onesie pajamas and the looks we got on the walk over to the rink were priceless! 

 photo 4C86873F-C174-4FD3-BBEA-C13AC8475573_zps0ojhmg3f.jpg

 photo D9C87857-4AB1-4226-838C-84C46F43150F_zpshsjhwtge.jpg

 photo 7B47C33F-CA17-432C-A366-9D54C852E7E0_zpsm1jbjvd8.jpg

Shoutout to these ladies for coming to the first ice rink event and braving the cold and the stink eye stares we got on the way over. I’m looking forward to our blate in December already!

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  • Macy Volpe

    Blate City! So much fun with you over the weekend, I wish every month could include 2 days of fun. Just makes our girls trip even more exciting when it arrives! XOXO

  • Lauren

    Awww you all look like you had the very best time! And all of your pajamas are AMAZINGGG!!! <3

  • Jenn

    Haha LOVING the onesies!

  • Laura Powell

    By far, one of the best Blates in blogger history! Can’t wait for the next one!

  • Annie

    This was one for the books! I feel so blessed to have meet y’all and to be able to spend so much time together! (: