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Weekend of fun

This weekend was awesome. So awesome that I think a weekend recap is totally appropriate.  I started the weekend with only one thing written in my planner and it turned into a super fun, super spontaneous, super awesome weekend.  Friday night Chris and I met up with his friends Katie and Jay for a double […]

Comfort Food- Chicken & Dumpling Soup

Comfort food is my favorite kind of food. I will always pick a restaurant that serves mashed potatoes over a fancy one that doesn’t. I grew up in a farming community where home cooked meals were a staple and we always ate at the dining room table together as a family.  Some of my favorite […]

A Day in the Life of Soup

One of my favorite things about the blogging world is the chance to take a peek into the lives of others. I find it so interesting to read how people spend their day at work or days off during the weekend. I talk about work and my personal life a lot on this blog, but […]

Baltimore: A Charm City Guide

  Over the past three years of living in Baltimore, Maryland I think it’s safe to say that I have checked out many of the awesome things to do around this little city. There are still plenty of activities on my Baltimore Bucket List and I intend to knock those off soon, but for the […]

Life Lately v.3

I haven’t done a Life Lately post since August and well, a lot has been going on in my life lately. It’s hard to believe that five months ago I wrote THIS. I was so discouraged and frustrated with the people I was encountering. That changed in September and I’m pretty happy about it.  Here’s […]

Love from Home

My Mom and I were supposed to be in NYC last weekend- but when I woke up Thursday with a horrible sore throat and the sensation of glass in my throat we knew that wasn’t going to happen.  I’ve been battling a sore and very swollen throat for two weeks and have been pushing through […]

Batman & Penguin

I can’t believe Halloween has come and gone but I feel like I really embraced the holiday this year and I’m happy about it. I had our decorations out on October 1st, went through two bags of candy corn (I’m not proud of it!), visited a local farm for pumpkins and all things apple cider, […]

November Goals

I can’t believe it’s officially November! I’m still on a Halloween high and don’t want to take down all of the fun decorations we have up. Oh well, pumpkins can stay up right? Unfortunately the sugar skulls have to come down. Let’s see how I did on my October goals shall we? Make two new […]

1 Second Everyday

1SE stands for 1 Second Everyday and it’s one of the coolest apps I’ve ever used. I have always loved keeping some sort of documentation of my life. This blog is the main way that I keep a record of the things happening in my life but I also have the Index Card Project which […]