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The New Orleans Travel Guide

We are back safe and sound and I can’t believe that the New Orleans trip is over already! With blizzard Jonas on his way to Maryland we left quickly and just in time to avoid getting hit with the worst of it. We left last Wednesday and drove 9 hours to Tennessee (where we saw […]

On the go in 2016

  2016 is going to be the year of traveling. I’m declaring it now. Granted I need lots of money and unlimited time to make these traveling dreams of mine come true so I’m trying to be realistic while dreaming about the upcoming year. I will be the happiest girl in the world if I […]

Baltimore Restaurant Week 2016

Today is the first day of Baltimore Restaurant Week 2016 aka my favorite week of winter. I’m serious you guys, there are so many awesome restaurants participating this year and I can’t decide where I want to eat. Don’t know what Restaurant Week is? Participating restaurants offer a pre-fixed two or three course meal for […]

10 ways to win at roadtripping!

Over the last three months I’ve made two trips that required 10+ hours of driving. That’s a lot of driving ya’ll. I get motion sickness, which means I can’t read or work on my laptop while in the car (the worst) so I have to find ways to keep myself entertained and make any trip […]


Today is the day- we are heading to New Orleans! I’ve been dying to take a trip to New Orleans for over a year. I’ve planned two different trips and they both fell through for different reasons. At the end of the summer I booked a stay at an Airbnb about a ten minute walk […]

The end of the ice

And just like that, the ice rink season is over. When I first moved to Baltimore for the Run for your Lives job I thought I’d be there forever. Naïve of me I know, but it was my dream job and I had it, I thought I’d have it forever. Flash forward a year and […]

Beautiful Baltimore

Because the Monday before vacation is hard and photos of Baltimore are my favorite… Happy Monday ya’ll!        

Dancing with the Stars

  Today is the birthday of two special ladies in my life- my Mama and my friend Katie (Happy Birthday Boot!). My Mom literally does anything and everything for me. She’s woken up at 4am and driven to Baltimore when I was super sick and couldn’t get to the doctor myself. She whisked me away […]

100 Things Every Marylander Needs To Do Once!

I’ve been a Maryland resident for almost five years now! That’s so crazy! I have fallen in love with Baltimore and want to see and do as much as I can of this great city and state. I feel like I’ve done a pretty good job of being active, visiting festivals and taking in what […]

SOTD Eats: Flavor

Flavor is a new  restaurant in the neighborhood of Mt.Vernon. I visited for the first time two weeks ago during the evening hours and spent some time in their lounge which I’m excited to see on a busy Saturday night but this post is not about their lounge. It’s about their delicious brunch offerings. You […]