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SOTD Eats: RA Sushi

*I received a complimentary meal in exchange for this blog post, however, all opinions are honest and my own. So let me preface this post by letting you in on a little secret…. I’m not a sushi person. It’s not that I don’t like sushi, it’s that I’ve never really been exposed to it and […]

SOTD Recipes: Healthy Alternatives

In an effort to start working towards that bikini body, I’ve been very conscious of what dishes I’ve been making in the kitchen and how they affect my body. Subbing out unhealthy ingredients and putting a twist on some of my favorites has been really inspiring lately. Check out what I’ve been doing: Chicken Noodleless […]

DC Brau Brewery Tour

When I think of Washington DC I don’t think of beer. When I realized that there are about four breweries within a short drive from downtown I was surprised! I just didn’t picture them being so accessible from The Mall for example. When Chris and I made plans to spend Valentine’s weekend in DC I […]

Winter Bucket List Recap

I know winter’s not technically over yet but I’M over it so we are done with the bucket list. I’ll be over here waiting for Spring and Summer, thank you.  Make Christmas Sugar Decorated Cookies This definitely did not happen. Christmas was chaotic this year! Visit 34th Street in Hampden to check out the lights […]

Scoop on Soup

Happy Monday! There are a lot of new faces around here- Hi everyone! So I thought a good old fashioned “Get to know me” post would be a solid way to start the week.  My name is Megan (but my friends call me Soup) and I grew up in Delaware in the house my parents […]

SOTD Eats: Founding Farmers

During our Valentine’s Day stay in DC Chris and I went to one of my favorite restaurants- Founding Farmers. Founding Farmers has an interesting story in that it is owned by over 40,000 farming families. As someone who grew up in a rural farming community, I love this! The restaurant is supplied daily by those […]

Blogger Dance Party

Remember those blogger babes that I hang out with at least once a month? The girls who I would have never met if it wasn’t for this little space of mine on the internet? The girls who have shown me true and genuine friendship for the past five months? Well, when you get a group […]

Valentine’s Weekend in DC

This past weekend was the first Valentine’s Day for Chris and I. I love Valentine’s Day, but not everyone feels the same way so I was pleasantly surprised when he was on board to get away for the weekend and spend some uninterrupted time together. He had been gone covering the New Hampshire Primary and […]

Reverse Bucket List

Everyone knows what a bucket list is, but do you know what Reverse Bucket List is? It’s a list of things you’ve already accomplished in life that are noteworthy. I’m lucky to have experienced a lot during my life and am blessed to have parents who felt that traveling was important from a young age. […]

#100: Holiday Treats For Every Holiday

I love to bake, this is no secret to anyone who knows me or reads my blog. So when I created my 101 Things to do in 1001 Days list I knew I wanted to incorporate a few baking goals. There are ones on the list that I haven’t done yet like learn how to […]