Winter Bucket List Recap

Winter bucket list

I know winter’s not technically over yet but I’M over it so we are done with the bucket list. I’ll be over here waiting for Spring and Summer, thank you. 

Make Christmas Sugar Decorated Cookies
This definitely did not happen. Christmas was chaotic this year!


Visit 34th Street in Hampden to check out the lights
Chris and I went to Hampden a few times this season and enjoyed wandering around taking in the holiday spirit.

Buy all Christmas presents before December 1
Check! It felt so good to have everything purchased and taken care of before December arrived.

Purchase stockings for the house
Since I was freaking out about $13 stockings I purchased two from Walmart for the low low price of $4 and then Byrd decorated them with a little additional flare. They did the job.

Walk through the neighborhood checking out the lights
I didn’t get around to checking out Otterbein but I did have the chance to wander around my own neighborhood and the houses in Fed Hill did not disappoint.

Kiss under mistletoe
This was a big fail. I don’t even remember seeing mistletoe!

Make a Christmas music playlist on Spotify
I made the BEST playlist and forgot that my friends on Spotify can see what I’m listening to at all times. Byrd did not hesitate to call me out on my Celine Dion jam session.


Visit NOLA
The trip finally happened! We were expecting warmer temperatures but because of Winter Storm Jonas we visited New Orleans in 44 degree temperatures. Chris and I still had a blast and loved being down there.


Celebrate Mama’s Birthday
We celebrated Mama with tickets to Dancing with the Stars. It was such a great night with both of my parents watching something that we love!

Make Valentine’s Day Dinner

Chris and I decided about a month before Valentine’s Day that we wanted to do a mini weekend trip to spend the weekend together uninterrupted. We didn’t want to spend a ton of time on travel since we had just done that with New Orleans so we snagged an Airbnb in Washington DC. Instead of cooking dinner we went to Del Frisco’s. YUM!


Crunch through the snow
We missed the biggest snowstorm in Baltimore’s history- 26 inches of snow fell on Baltimore while we were in New Orleans. So instead of crunching in Bmore, we were crunching in Tennessee on our roadtrip. But since then we’ve seen two minor snowstorms so I’m happy!

Another bucket list completed! I can’t wait for warmer temperatures and big plans!


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  • Christine Everyday

    Haha, I love how you’ve officially declared winter over. Maybe it will listen!

    • Megan

      Hopefully me wishing will make it all go away….right?

  • Macy Volpe

    Seriously, why are stockings SO expensive?! Even though you didn’t see lights all over Baltimore, the 34th Street lights will always win, so thankfully you went there several times :)

    • Megan

      It’s insane. I thought I read the tag wrong at first and then proceeded to freak out in Target. Our cheap Walmart ones looked just as good once we jazzed them up a little! Christmas feels like forever ago and it was only two months ago! Time is flying by!

  • Jenn

    Haha you sound like me … call me when spring is here, please!