DC Brau Brewery Tour


When I think of Washington DC I don’t think of beer. When I realized that there are about four breweries within a short drive from downtown I was surprised! I just didn’t picture them being so accessible from The Mall for example.

When Chris and I made plans to spend Valentine’s weekend in DC I started searching for the perfect afternoon activity that he would be interested in. DC Brau immediately caught my eye because it was the closest brewery to where we were staying and I know for a fact that he likes their beer.

DC Brau is about 20 minutes away from Dupont Circle and Adams Morgan (when there’s no traffic). As we walked in the bouncer checked our ID’s and gave us the inside information for what to expect. He recommended we get the sampler flight to get the most bang for our buck which I appreciated!


We got a few samples and posted up near where the tour would begin. It was really cool to just hang out, taste some DC Brau and catch up on how our trip was going so far and what we still wanted to accomplish before heading back to Baltimore.



 photo F612F1C9-49E6-4456-8C64-20BBB83D8570_zpsfveibtyl.png


I mentioned in the recap post about our trip, but my favorite part of the brewery was the artwork. I couldn’t stop looking at the awesome designs and bright colors that filled the walls. I wish I could have gotten better photos but the brewery was packed and I couldn’t get many photos without people in the front.



Soon it was tour time and we quickly realized that this was going to be a big group! About forty of us piled into the next room and squished together to start the tour. I’m sad to say that I didn’t really learn much since it was so hard to hear the tour guide but it was really cool to see the different rooms of the tour.

I especially liked seeing all of the cans stacked just waiting to be filled with beer. Look at the stacks and stacks of them!


Overall, I liked being at DC Brau with Chris, enjoyed checking out the art and really liked tasting the beer, but the tour wasn’t the highlight of our visit.

If you want to check out the brewery make sure you visit their website to see what times their FREE tours are offered!

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  • http://totravelandbeyond.com/ Macy Volpe

    That is a bummer that you couldn’t hear the guide, but so awesome that you were able to see the rest of the brewery! I’m so glad you both did this, lets all do brewery tastings now 😉

  • RacheL

    Union has an AWESOME tour if you haven’t been.