SOTD Eats: RA Sushi

*I received a complimentary meal in exchange for this blog post, however, all opinions are honest and my own.

So let me preface this post by letting you in on a little secret…. I’m not a sushi person. It’s not that I don’t like sushi, it’s that I’ve never really been exposed to it and after a while I just started saying that I didn’t like it and believed it.

Recently I went to RA Sushi with my co-worker and friend, Lauren. RA is close to our office and is considered one of the top sushi restaurants in Baltimore. They have over 150 items on the menu and truly have something for everyone!

I was worried that Lauren wouldn’t enjoy eating sushi with me because I’m such a beginner in the raw food category and she’s a seasoned pro, but with the help of Kevin, the manager, we were able to pick out a few items that we could both eat!

Kevin sat with us and went through the menu, pointing out what he would recommend and also what I could eat with my dietary restrictions. He talked to us about their menu and how diverse it is. People who are occasional sushi eaters can find something alongside folks who have traveled the world and had top notch sushi.

They also offer cooked options and even non-seafood options like wings! I had no idea! Kevin told us he thought they were the best wings in Baltimore and since Lauren grew up eating wings (definitely wasn’t an Eastern Shore thing), we had to order them for her seal of approval.

For starters we both ordered a cocktail. If you’ve checked out the menu at RA you know they have a large cocktail menu and everything looks and sounds amazing. I started with the cucumber margarita and Lauren had the Blushing Geisha.

IMG_8688 IMG_8690

They were both delicious! I like cucumbers and I like margaritas but I would not have put them together on my own.

We ordered edamame in a garlic Asian butter sauce and seasame garlic wings to as our appetizers. I know, the wings are a little surprising to order at a sushi restaurant but Lauren and I both agreed that they were the best! The skin was perfectly crunchy and seasoned and the chicken was tender and delicious. The edamame was Lauren’s favorite, but was a little spicy for my taste buds. I would have preferred the regular edamame, but I am glad that I tried it!



And now for the sushi, I mean that’s why we were there! We ordered two rolls- Vegetarian and Viva Las Vegas. Kevin recommended the Viva Last Vegas roll as their top seller and the one that they are known for. We ordered the veggie roll as a backup for me and also because I had never tasted their veggie roll before.


The vegetarian roll was delicious but I knew that I would like it.


The Viva Las Vegas Roll was the most nerve wracking part of the meal, but I was there to try sushi so I had to dive right in and you know what, I liked it! VLV roll is crab and cream cheese (they took the cream cheese out for us) rolled in rice and seaweed, lightly tempura battered and topped with spicy tuna, crab mix and sliced lotus root; finished with a sweet eel sauce and spinach tempura bits. I LIKED IT!


I’m still shocked if you can’t tell.

After devouring our food we were ready to head out with full bellies and smiles on our faces but before we could get up, Kevin emerged from the back with dessert for us. The Cinnamon Tempura Gelato did us in. I only took a few bites because dairy and I don’t get along, but I truly savored those few bites. Kevin described the dish to us as taking ice cream, putting it in a piece of pound cake, and flash frying it. Oh and did I mention the raspberry and chocolate sauce drizzle? So. Freaking. Good.


Overall, our meal at RA Sushi was more than I expected. They really took the time to go through the menu with us and educate me on the food and the experience that I was about to enjoy. I can now say I like sushi and I plan to keep on trying new things while out and about.

RA Sushi is located at 1390 Lancaster Street in Baltimore MD





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  • Macy Volpe

    I LOVE RA. We used to go all of the time and I miss it, I can’t wait for all of us to go! The Blushing Geisha is my favorite specialty drink of theirs, and I have tried probably all of them 😉 The Vegas Roll is seriously crazy, a few years ago I went to the RA in Vegas, just for the heck of having a Vegas roll in Vegas….and then we realized it was THREE times the price (as everything was on the menu). We had already ordered drinks, but left afterwards.

  • Annie

    Wow, these pics are amazing! I love sushi so much. Now I’m hungry…

  • Lauren

    RA is sooooooo good! Dang, I haven’t been in way too long, and this makes me want to go back!