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Bye March!

Another month has come and gone in the blink of an eye and I’m standing over here wondering how that happened! March was a pretty exciting and action packed month, nothing like April will be but that’s a story for tomorrow. I’m here with another month recap, so far so good in my goal to do each […]

Going Dairy Free

I love ice cream. I love dipping Oreos in milk. I love milkshakes. I love creamy mashed potatoes. I had to give almost all of it up when I was diagnosed as lactose intolerant five years ago. Granted I’ve never experienced a life changing medical diagnosis and am lucky to be healthy, but it’s hard […]

Light City Baltimore

You guys, LIGHT CITY IS HERE!!! I feel like we’ve been talking about this week forever and it’s finally here! Don’t know what Light City is? This is a summary via their website: Light City Baltimore is the first large-scale, international light festival in the United States, homegrown right here in Baltimore. Light City will […]

Baltimore’s Best Pizza

Pizza was a staple in my household growing up. We had pizza every Friday night for dinner. Whether it was from the little pizza place in town, homemade by my Dad or (my favorite) Grotto’s, we didn’t miss a Friday. I’m not a pizza snob and can get down with a deep dish as much […]

Drooling Through the Screen

I went to the beach this past weekend to spend time with my best friend. Chels, her fiancé Zack and his brother Josh, are all very close so when I visit we usually spend time together. While Josh and I were chatting he asked how life was in Baltimore. I told him about work and […]

Charm City Creatives: Phil Han

Baltimore amazes me for more reasons that I can count, but one large reason is the people who give this city life. I feel like I leave meetings, casual gatherings, and networking events feeling more inspired than ever before. I leave with a million more ideas than I walked in the door with and can […]

The Story of Us

  It was a typical Friday night in August. Byrd, my roommate and best friend, was getting ready to meet up with friends in Fells Point and invited me along. I got ready quickly in black lace shorts and a white top. I felt pretty but not over done. I wasn’t trying to impress anyone, […]

DIY Customized Photo Laptop Case

Have you ever seen a product, fallen completely in love, and then looked at the price tag of said item? It happens to me. Usually I just let it go and move on but sometimes I’m stuck on wanting whatever it was. In the case of the custom laptop case I figured out a way […]

Info Maniac

I am obsessed with infographics and whoever started making them is a genius. I’m a visual learner so it’s much more appealing to me to have information broken down with graphics, diagrams and pictures of the information that is being presented.  I recently got sucked into an article that listed the top 100 Infographics for […]

Baltimore Toynbee Tiles

Let me preface this post by saying that this topic is weird. I fully get that, but it’s a Baltimore thing and I’m all about it. Have you ever heard of a Toynbee Tile? I bet you’ve seen one and didn’t even know it. They are the tiles embedded in the pavement of Baltimore roads. […]