DIY Customized Photo Laptop Case


Have you ever seen a product, fallen completely in love, and then looked at the price tag of said item? It happens to me. Usually I just let it go and move on but sometimes I’m stuck on wanting whatever it was. In the case of the custom laptop case I figured out a way to DIY one for myself.

A few Christmases ago I made my Mom a custom iPhone case with photos of our family, travels and the Mar man. It’s one of her most favorite presents, so much so that she doesn’t want to upgrade her phone because the case will no longer fit. Love you Mom!

So when I got a new Macbook for work I wanted to have a fun Baltimore themed hard case. I went back on the website where I purchased the phone case and found that for $70 I could easily put together the computer case of my dreams. No thank you.

Enter the DIY thought process:

First, I started by purchasing my favorite hard shell snap on case from Amazon. I have a hot pink one on my personal macbook and love it. For $12 I got the black case.

Screen Shot 2016-03-21 at 5.26.58 PM

Secondly, I went on FoxPrint and ordered Instagram photo stickers. I love their site and the purchasing process is so simple! I picked out 12 of my favorite Baltimore Insta pics and completed the ordering process. They arrived in my mailbox 5 days later!

 photo 677685FF-6F7C-418B-B87B-E5D7882A66CE_zpso7r7d2fq.jpg  photo 90FF919E-F764-4F0F-B879-C20533AF3ECF_zpsi2u4edq0.jpg

The third and final step was to put the stickers onto the case! I measured everything out so I could try and get them as even as possible. There are still some mistakes but I’m ok with the final product!

 photo 48FED3B8-6EB1-4E5C-8867-19F2332321B9_zpsiihc4rdh.jpg

It’s not professional quality and there are a few mistakes I wish I could fix, but for less than $20 I made a case I love.

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  • Macy Volpe

    I love this!! I previously had a clear case on my macbook and I put photos in-between the case and my macbook so you could see the images. It worked but moved around some, this is a great way to make sure they don’t move.

  • Lauren

    This is SUCH a good idea! Totally pinning this for a future DIY!

  • Toastmade

    Amazing Post ! This give awesome and stylish look to laptop. Thanks for post!