Drooling Through the Screen

I went to the beach this past weekend to spend time with my best friend. Chels, her fiancé Zack and his brother Josh, are all very close so when I visit we usually spend time together. While Josh and I were chatting he asked how life was in Baltimore. I told him about work and all the fun things I was doing. He mentioned that I post a lot of food pictures on my Instagram and that he drools over every single one.

I started thinking about all of the food pictures I’ve taken over the four years I’ve been in Baltimore and how did Instagram food photography even became a thing? I mean, taking pictures of what I’m eating before I eat it and then sharing it with the world…it sounds weird when you put it like that!

I look at it as an opportunity to promote the restaurants that I love. If I didn’t have a blog I don’t think I’d take so many food photos and share them with my followers but I want to show folks in Baltimore and surrounding areas what options they have in the city. I want to make them aware of new restaurants and old ones that are too good to pass up.

Eating and socializing is a part of my culture as a city dweller and a millennial. I am totally not ashamed to sit down for dinner and drinks with my friends and ask everyone to please refrain from eating so I can snap a quick pic. Do they love me when I do this? Probably not, but it brings me joy to connect local businesses with someone who may have not known about them before.

After having this conversation with Josh, I went through my Instagram and found some of my favorite food photos.

Drool away

 photo 6B1950DB-60B9-4E61-B215-D1E95E569556.png_zpsjn8dlxxr.jpeg

 photo 67D13390-C208-4489-8EA3-53C8AED65D22.png_zpskvgcuy7s.jpeg

 photo EC6E6FA3-7ECF-4D68-9D02-83F1F02D04F7.png_zpskkguccsz.jpeg

 photo 81156B7E-DA5C-4D73-8A2D-8028D328DFDE.png_zpsfbwvs9e4.jpeg

 photo 5BA12189-396D-4BBE-975D-C299FE72AA4E.png_zpslch49jtf.jpeg

 photo D1E4FF42-0977-41B8-8732-9F191DE1F935.png_zpsbwdvqp6e.jpeg

 photo 5BFA8892-D9DB-4DB2-9895-60306078EB97.png_zpsbwj2img6.jpeg

 photo 3328081D-88FA-4EAE-AF3A-692A1275404A.png_zpsfcq1vnze.jpeg



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  • http://totravelandbeyond.com/ Macy Volpe

    I am always rolling over your IG feed and appreciate you introducing me to new restaurants! I don’t venture out nearly as much as I should for living here as long as I have.

  • http://www.thefreeandwildblog.com Annie

    You are so right. You ALWAYS have the BEST food photos. You eat good, girl!