Baltimore’s Best Pizza

Pizza was a staple in my household growing up. We had pizza every Friday night for dinner. Whether it was from the little pizza place in town, homemade by my Dad or (my favorite) Grotto’s, we didn’t miss a Friday.

I’m not a pizza snob and can get down with a deep dish as much as a flatbread pizza. I love almost all of the veggie options for pizza but am a little pickier when it comes to meats. My all time favorite? Green peppers and onions but I’m also a sucker for a margharita pieces with the big pieces of fresh moz cheese!

I obviously have a few favorites when it comes to enjoying a slice in Charm City. I’m highlighting my top five Baltimore pizza places (in no particular order).

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Pub Dog

Pub Dog is pretty awesome already with the two for one beers and giant soft pretzels. But add in personal size pizzas in fun flavors with awesome names? I’m in.
My recommendation: grab a pizza to go and head to Federal Hill for dinner and a view!


 photo 9FB21AA4-0571-4577-AA30-EEAC7E7EAF09.png_zpsojnyzau4.jpeg

Are you looking for delicious pizza and a stellar menu for date night? Verde has a great ambiance and an unbelievable menu.
My recommendation: If you’re dining in the winter- request a table downstairs towards the back. You’ll be able to watch them cook pizzas in the brick oven AND feel the warmth from the fire.


Joe Squared

Joe Squared pizza is the perfect pizza to split with my man who doesn’t like crust. I can get the crunchy outer pieces and he’s happy with the center.
My recommendations: Try their pesto pizza- out of this world!



I honestly think I’ve tried the most flavors at Homeslyce. With three different locations in Baltimore City you can’t avoid this staple. 
My recommendation: Order the “slyce” aka a pizza boat with lots of bread and deliciousness. You’re welcome.



Hersh’s offers a great ambiance and an amazing menu. Their pizza is soft and crispy in all the right places and you can taste the fresh ingredients with every bite. 
My recommendation: After you’re done devouring the pizza, order the Tiramisu Ice Cream. Its out of this world good!

What are your favorite pizza spots in Baltimore?

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  • Heidi

    All great options, but I have to say that Johnny Rad’s and Matthew’s are by far the best– Matthew’s being my favorite of all. 😛 I grew up near Chicago, so I’m used to deep dish pizza. Matthew’s isn’t Chicago deep dish, but the crust is thicker and crispy around the edges, so it’s reminiscent of that. I know I’ve touted Johnny Rad’s (very similar to Hersh’s in some ways) before on your blog, and they have a great Monday night special– $11 for a large pizza and $2 Boh tallboys… can’t go wrong…haha. Anyway, two places you should definitely hit up now that you’re on the east side of the harbor. 😉

    • Megan

      So Johnny Rad’s is on my list since we moved and I wanted so badly to get there before this published but didn’t find the time. I couldn’t get down with Matthew’s. I don’t know why but it just didn’t do it for me. Thanks for the recs in my new ‘hood. Keep em coming!

      • Heidi

        That’s so funny because I think that’s spot on for Matthew’s– you either love it or don’t! Now I want pizza…haha!

  • Lauren

    This is the post of my DREAMS since pizza is my favorite food ever! Pub Dog is delicious and now I’m definitely going to have to try the other restaurants! My current favorite is Pasta Mista in Canton :)

    • Megan

      I have never been there but I’ll add it to my list now!

  • Jenn

    I love thicker crust pizza so the ones from Homeslyce and Hersh’s look the best to me! Love pizza!!

    • Megan

      OMG the crust is to die for at both places. you’ll love it!

  • Macy Volpe

    Pub Dog is my FAVORITE! Smash dogs and peach beer for life. I also really dig Homeslyce. We have been going to Pie 360 a lot since it’s close to work, I really like the set-up.

    • Megan

      Yes yes yes yes. I could eat at Pub Dog all day everyday. I keep seeing Pie 360 when I hit up Teeter. I’ll stop in sometime!