Archives for March 2016

Luck of the Irish

Ya’ll- this weekend was hands down one of the best in a while. Like start to finish, awesome. That’s a bold statement considering I had a huge event this weekend and we all know that what can go wrong WILL go wrong in the event industry. Not this one 😉 Friday was a busy day […]

Da Best Donuts

Donuts make the world go ‘round…well, in my personal opinion. They are hands down my favorite sweet treat. I would pick a donut over a cupcake, piece of cake, and ice cream any day! They come in an endless variety of flavors, are the perfect size and taste SO FREAKING GOOD. Over the past few […]

SOTD Eats: 8Ball Meatball

When a new restaurant comes to town everyone’s ears perk up. Folks start checking out the storefront and start talking about what the menu is going to be like. Once the restaurant opens it’s like a mad rush to be the first group of people to try it. 8Ball Meatball was no exception! I’ve seen […]

The Four Best Friends

As I sat across from Macy and Annie (we missed you Laura!) on Monday night, I couldn’t help but be grateful to have these ladies in my life. It wasn’t just the delicious cocktail or fresh sushi that we were enjoying that made the evening, but their company is some of the best I’ve found […]

I’m a Grazer

I’m a snacker. We’re talking mid-morning, afternoon, before dinner, and after dinner snacker. It’s a problem. The good news is that a few years ago I ditched the cheetohs and dorito’s and started eating healthy snack food instead of the processed stuff I used to dive into when I got home from class. Today I […]

Baltimore Street Art

Last Tuesday I had a pretty rough morning. Like big crocodile tears kinda rough morning. Luckily my knight in shining armor was there to make things better but thirty minutes into the workday I still couldn’t shake the bad feelings. Thankfully I had a task on my to-do list that required me to get out […]

What I’m Watching

I’ve been Netflix binge watching like a crazy person this winter. There’s just something about curling up with a blanket on the sofa (with Chris) that makes me happy! This snuggle time is definitely contributing to the lack of books I’ve read this year but that’s ok. I like to save my book reading nights […]

10 Apps for Baltimoreans

I’m an app person and not afraid to admit it. If I can find an app that makes life a little easier and more efficient, I’m all about it. Living in Baltimore I’ve collected a few apps that make life easier, quicker, cheaper and more fun. If you live in Bmore you should download everything […]

From San Fran to Baltimore on Foot

When I think of a cross country trip I think of multiple days in a vehicle living off of fast food, podcasts and Spotify playlists. When Christine (my sorority sister) thinks about a cross country trip she thinks about the 49 day journey she’s about to embark on. Christine is running from San Francisco to […]

Bye February- Hello Spring

February blew by in the blink of an eye. I sure hope the rest of the year doesn’t go by as fast as the past month or I’ll be a hot mess. In an effort to get better about recapping the big AND little moments that make up each month I’m going to try to […]