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Strawberry Oatmeal Smoothie

Thank you all for your kind words yesterday. It’s been a rough couple of days, but I’m determined to stay positive and one way I plan to keep up my spirits is by making delicious (and soft) meals for myself! Just because my mouth is on strike doesn’t mean I can’t enjoy what I’m eating…right?! Introducing […]

Teething at 26

At 26 years old I’m teething like an infant. Excuse me?  I considered myself lucky for years to have all of my wisdom teeth. My friends in high school were getting them taken out left and right and I never had to which is music to the ears of someone super squeamish. Right about now […]

Oh hey 26- I think I like you

How is it already Monday? My birthday weekend came and went and usually I’d be sad to see it over so soon, but it was so great that I’m just left with this overwhelming feeling of happiness. This birthday was hands down one of the best ever and was much needed after last year. When […]

Earth Day Birthday!

Today I turn 26. I’m still the baby amongst my friends, but it feels weird to be 26. I still feel like I’m a little 21 year old attempting to be an adult, but then I look at all I’ve done in Baltimore and what’s around me and I realize I’m no baby anymore.   Every […]

SOTD Eats: Cardinal Tavern

*I was provided a meal in exchange for a review on the blog. However, all opinions are honest and my own.    Earlier this week Macy and I grabbed dinner at a restaurant in Canton, Cardinal Tavern. I’ve been there before, but only for late night drinks and I was very much looking forward to trying […]

SOTD Eats: Papermoon Diner

Over the weekend my parents came to Baltimore for the day to celebrate my birthday a little early (I’m turning 26 on Friday!).  When they come to town we always grab a meal together and I try to introduce them to one of my favorites. This time was different because we were all trying a […]

365 Days Later

Today marks one year since Freddie Gray’s death. One year since Baltimore was shaken to it’s core. One year since glass was shattered, businesses were destroyed and lives were changed forever. I spent much of last week thinking back and remembering the events that led to the unrest and decided that I wanted to see […]

#GirlsinGreenJackets Take NYC!

The Baltimore Blogger Babes and I went to NYC for the day on Saturday. It was our first trip together and one that we’d been looking forward to for months! There are numerous ways to get to New York City from Baltimore but I offered to drive the four of us to Newark NJ and […]


Instagram is my social media addiction with Snapchat coming in at a close second. I love sharing beautiful images with my followers and love checking out what they are sharing as well.    I think it’s about time I let you all in on a little secret and share with you my favorite Baltimore Instagram accounts.  […]

Charm City Creatives: Smoking Swine

When I met Drew, owner of the Smoking Swine food truck, I realized that we couldn’t be any different from one another. He’s big, I’m little, he’s tough, I’m sensitive, he’s got a lot of tattoos, I don’t, but we did have something in common- we both love bbq!  I met Drew during my first […]