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When I met Drew, owner of the Smoking Swine food truck, I realized that we couldn’t be any different from one another. He’s big, I’m little, he’s tough, I’m sensitive, he’s got a lot of tattoos, I don’t, but we did have something in common- we both love bbq! 

I met Drew during my first month at Waterfront Partnership when we started our food truck market series called Harbor Market. That series has since been turned over to me and actually we started the 2016 season last week. Check out our FB HERE. But Drew hit me hard with jokes and sarcasm and I shot right back proving that I can hang with the big dogs….kinda. 

Drew has been slinging meat for the past four years, but before that he was a civil engineer for fifteen years. The economy took a hit and unfortunately he was laid off. He took a job to support his family, but he wasn’t passionate about what he was doing but a job is a job. For Christmas one year he was gifted a smoker and he decided to test it out. The bbq he was producing was a hit and pretty soon family and friends were putting in special request orders! Drew realized he was making more money on the weekends than he was during the week. 


It didn’t take long for him to realize what he needed to do. He found something he loved doing and made it into a career! In 2012 The Smoking Swine food truck hit the streets and Drew hasn’t looked back since. In fact, he’s gunning ahead at full speed and the past year has been huge for Drew. Guy Fieri made a special visit and shot an episode of Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives! 

Baltimore rallied around Drew and showed their support in so many ways during filming and after. Waverley Brewing even hosted a live viewing party for his friends and family on the night that the episode aired. I was there and it was hard to deny the amount of love that was filling the room as a hundred or so folks from Charm City supported the man who feeds them some of the best BBQ Maryland has to offer. 


When I asked Drew what the best part of having a food truck is his response was so simple- to make people happy. He said how incredible it is that all he has to do is show up and people are excited. It doesn’t matter if they like him or not, the product is what they are there for and the product is what Drew lives for. It’s something both he and the customers have in common, the love of BBQ. Although he loves what he does and wouldn’t trade it for the world it’s not for the weak. The hours can be long and exhausting and during the busy season he doesn’t get much time off. But it’s worth it and the people of Baltimore love The Smoking Swine. 

What’s next for Drew? Putting down roots and finding the perfect spot to call home. The Smoking Swine may have a restaurant near you soon! But until then he is perfecting his bbq and researching new ways to stand out and make his customers happy. 

Make sure you follow him on Twitter, Insta, & Facebook to find out where the truck is! I’ll be at the market getting messy with my favorite, the pulled pork sandwich!



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  • Lauren

    Ooooh he needs to come by our office so Macy and I can have this for lunch!

    • Megan

      Or you both can come to the market :)

      • Lauren


  • Macy Volpe

    AMAZING!!! I need to try the Smoking Swine ASAP. I love that you were at the viewing party!

    • Megan

      Yes! Meet me at the market one Friday when he’s there (I’ll give you the dates) and we can have a mini lunch date!