Instagram is my social media addiction with Snapchat coming in at a close second. I love sharing beautiful images with my followers and love checking out what they are sharing as well.  

 I think it’s about time I let you all in on a little secret and share with you my favorite Baltimore Instagram accounts. 


@officegoth– I look at Rosemary’s account daily. I love her perspective when capturing images and I love how often she shares posts on a daily basis. Some folks believe in “a little goes a long way”, but I like people on Insta who share a few images a day. To me it shows how active they are and how much they enjoy the platform. Also, her Baltimore wall photos have me making major heart eyes.  



@liketheteaeats– Rachel is one of my friends IRL and she has a food blog. She is so adventurous and tries dishes that I would never even consider, but that’s why she’s a food blogger and I’m not. We met via Yelp and I love that I can tell which images are hers on a particular restaurant page without even looking at the name. She has a recognizable style, which I like.  


@molly_dressel– I met Molly at a Yelp event when I worked for them and immediately noticed her zest for connecting, networking, and sharing Baltimore love with everyone. She captures images from a perspective that surprises and intrigues me and leaves me wanting more. 


@thebmorecreatives– If you live in Baltimore and don’t follow this account you’re doing it all wrong. They pull photos daily from the #thebmorecreatives feed and share them with over 8,000 followers. Their feed is a beautiful showcase of all things Baltimore.  


@bsinbmore– If you want a constant flow of gorgeous Baltimore photos and things to see and do in, you need to follow this account! She has a great eye and shares images of Baltimore, her life, cute puppies and inspiring murals.  


@charmcitycook- Amy is the chick you should get to know if you want to get into the foodie scene in Baltimore. I haven’t had the chance to meet her yet, but I’m looking forward to the day. Her photos are drool-worthy and have inspired a few date nights and brunches during my time in Charm City.  


@fellspointdistrict– I love where I live and I love the enthusiasm folks have for Fells Point. It truly is an incredible neighborhood and I enjoy checking out the snaps that my neighbors and visitors take. The account also shows me what areas of Fells Point I haven’t visited and NEED to! 


@charmcitylife– I know the individual who runs this account and love the creativity that goes into each video. I think capturing the city in a time-lapse video is the best way to show what’s really happening here. I love seeing how they see the city thru a lens. 


@allidubbs– Alli is the most recent account that I’ve started following after a saw her stunning photos from the #bmoreaquatic meet up! I think her use of natural light or (lack of natural light) in photos is stunning and hi she eats good food and meets cool people and share those images with us as well!



Also giving mad love to ¾ of the Baltimore Blogger Babes crew. Macy, Annie, and Laura are always uploading incredible images on their accounts. They each have their own style, which I love.  We talk almost daily, but it’s still nice to see images of what’s happening in each of their lives throughout the weeks.  

 What other accounts should I be following?


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  • Macy Volpe

    I love posts like this!! I started following a few of these accounts and some others as I was stalking the #bmoreaquatic hashtag (and being totally sad I wasn’t there with you!) and now I’m excited to follow some others! Thank you so much for including me, I need to get out in Baltimore and get some better photos of our beautiful city.

  • RacheL

    Thanks for sharing my account! Let’s go on a food adventure, I promise you won’t regret it (:

  • Lauren

    Oh these are fantastic!!! Definitely following them now!

  • Lindsay

    Amy Langrehr, aka “Charm City Cook” is a doll. She and I used to work in the same industry, though at different schools, before she left to pursue her passion of all things food. Bummer for us, benefit for the city of Baltimore. Have you had her salted caramel brownies? TO.DIE.FOR. (And I don’t even like chocolate, so that’s saying something).