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MDW Celebrations

MDW was everything. My event season has kicked off in full force and to say I’ve been busy would be an understatement. Until July 1, I’m pretty sure I have an event of some sort every week. I’m not complaining- this is what I LIVE for, but it’s nice to throw in a few days […]

Better Me

My eyes flew open in alarm as I scanned the room looking for the clock.   6:50am.   My alarm never went off.   I frantically kicked off the blanket as I scrambled across the room gathering my things and throwing them in a bag.   “Babe, stop”. A sleepy voice emerged from under the blanket.   “I can’t, my […]

A proposal + locked in a room + puffy lips

This. weekend. was. good.  Friday was a busy one. I spent the day prepping for our first Summer Social of the season. Summer Socials are the concerts that I produce at West Shore Park in Baltimore. The event consists of a band playing, a bar, food trucks, lawn games, and play equipment for the little […]

10 Ways to Save Money in the City

Living in the city can be super expensive. Rent alone ranges from $700-$1000 and that’s only if you have a roommate! Adding in car expenses, eating out, playing on the weekends, and any expenses that aren’t daily things…it’s enough to make your head spin. But there are easy steps to save money and still fully […]

Summer ’16 Bucket List

Summer is around the corner and I can’t wait! While I’m not looking forward to the sweaty knee pits after sitting at an O’s game or the sunburn that will grace my pale body on after the first warm day I AM looking forward to so many other things.    Eat a snow ball   Go to […]

Making Baltimore My Home

4 years in Baltimore… It feels like forever but also just a day. The time has flown by! Today marks four years since I packed up my life and moved to a city where I knew no one. I walked across the stage at my graduation from Salisbury knowing that everything I owned was sitting […]


Happy Tuesday everyone! This is my going to be a busy day so I’m gonna make it short and sweet and share some snaps from the last two weekends. The last week went by so quickly and honestly was a blur. Being home in Delaware for five days really threw me off, but it was so […]

101 in 1001 Days Link Up

I love lists. Like I love them more than most people and always have. I feel like nothing holds me accountable like a page of tasks just waiting to be crossed off. To this day I still can’t pack for a trip (even just overnight) without writing everything down. I always forget something if I […]

How I Got Kylie Jenner Lips

Ya’ll last week I got Kylie Jenner lips. I didn’t pay a dime, I didn’t pinch or squeeze or draw anything on my face. How did I get them, you ask? OH ya know, just by an allergic reaction. Let me back up…. Thursday I woke up with my throat feeling numb and my lips […]

Mama Soup

This lady. She deserves every award under the sun.  Name something you’d only do for the person you love and she’s done it at least twice. That includes conquering her biggest fears to get to me or make my dreams come true. This woman drove across one of the scariest bridges in the United States […]