How I Got Kylie Jenner Lips

Ya’ll last week I got Kylie Jenner lips. I didn’t pay a dime, I didn’t pinch or squeeze or draw anything on my face. How did I get them, you ask? OH ya know, just by an allergic reaction.

Let me back up….

Thursday I woke up with my throat feeling numb and my lips felt really chapped. I had just finished my medicine for my lockjaw so I just assumed it was a side effect. I went to work and the feelings went away until I got home that evening. Still- just felt like a sun or wind burn on my lips. I went to the First Thursday concert with Chris and my friends and when we came home and ate dinner I noticed something was wrong. I couldn’t feel food going down my throat and one sip of lemonade my my entire mouth burn. I took a Benadryl and fell right to sleep hoping that it would take care of whatever was happening.

3am rolled around quickly and I woke up having an allergic reaction, to what I have no idea. The next 8 hours were spent in a Baltimore City Emergency Room and it was rough. I have so many complaints about my experience but I’m fine now and that’s all that matters. 

The timing was what I was most upset about- immediately after getting my jaw unlocked and two days before my wisdom tooth surgery. When it rains it pours..

At least I know I can pull off a Jenner pout if I ever want to go down that road…

 photo BEC80BCF-700B-40AB-98F0-89D87D6B4755_zpszmweqdrq.jpg

Since then I had my wisdom teeth taken out on Monday and have been in Delaware recovering all week hence the radio silence on the blog. I didn’t intend to stop blogging completely but a four day break was what I needed to recharge and recover. I’m heading back to Baltimore tonight and can’t wait to get back into a somewhat normal routine, filled with lots of mashed potatoes and dairy free ice cream. 



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  • Macy Volpe

    Girl you can be Lisa Rinna any day…just don’t cut your hair! I’m sorry you had such a bad experience, but now it’s all over and done with! Have a safe drive coming back home.

    • Megan

      Yes, it’s all over and its time to move forward and enjoy summmmmmer! Whenever it gets here I mean…

  • Lauren

    Oh you poor thing! Ugh, those Baltimore City emergency rooms can be ROUGH too :( If you need anything, just let me know!

  • gail

    When I saw there was a new blog post, I KNEW you were feeling better and I’m so glad!

  • Annie

    So glad you finally got that taken care of! And glad you are home and feeling better! (: Offer still stands if you need frozen yogurt!

    • Megan

      Thanks boo!