Happy Tuesday everyone! This is my going to be a busy day so I’m gonna make it short and sweet and share some snaps from the last two weekends. The last week went by so quickly and honestly was a blur. Being home in Delaware for five days really threw me off, but it was so good to relax in the country.  

I wanted to soak up some time with Chris before I went home for a few days and we definitely enjoyed our Saturday together!  


Saturday, May 7th was the AVAM Kinetic Sculpture Race and it’s probably one of my favorite Baltimore events. Folks sign up and create a giant float type sculpture that they pedal like a bicycle. They have to go through a series of obstacles and basically drive it across the city and back. We met up with Chris’ roommate, Pete, who was on a team. They had just come from the water portion of the race and were exhausted. This event is serious! 


After visiting with Pete we wished him good luck and headed to Mt.Vernon to check out FlowerMart which is another Baltimore annual event, but I had never been before! I was surprised with how little flower stands there were. I feel like it was more of a craft fair than a flower fair. We picked up flowers for our Mom’s and I got to indulge in a Baltimore tradition- a lemon stick!  

I went home that evening and spent the next day bike riding with Mama and hanging out enjoying the first sunny day in a week!  

Fast forward to this past weekend! 


Part of my job includes doing the permitting for other event organizers who are hosting their events in one of our waterfront parks. So far they have all been small events, but Saturday was the first big one! The Wine & Food Festival was a beast of an event and I’ve been working on it since the beginning of the year. My amazing co-workers had to finish some of the process while I was out but the event went well and I was excited to check it out. Unfortunately, I was taking pain pills for my mouth and that wine is actually Chris’.  Getting him a VIP wristband was the least I could do for him having to put up with grumpy me the last few days.  

The rest of Saturday was spent being a couch potato so when the sun came out on Sunday and Chris mentioned that he wouldn’t mind going to the Orioles game I made myself presentable and off we went to the game. Have I mentioned that Chris lives two blocks from Camden Yards? Yeah, it’s pretty amazing. We bought cheap tickets under the scoreboard and had the best time.  

I’m REALLY looking forward to this coming weekend since its my first Summer Social of the season and my parents will be in town! 


How was your weekend? 

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  • Macy Volpe

    Even thought you were out for a few days, it seems like you made the most of your time before and after! I used to go to the Flower Mart with my mom every year and I’m so sad to hear that there aren’t many flower stands now. They used to almost only be stands with flowers. I haven’t had a lemon stick in years, I need to get one sometime this summer!

    • Megan

      Right! There should have been sooo many flowers! It was mainly just other vendors like home improvement people and craft vendors. We were bummed :(

  • Annie

    The AVAM race is so fun. I’ve actually never been…it’s on the Baltimore bucket list! The Flower Mart is such a Baltimore tradition, and you’re right, it really isn’t that much of a flower mart at all! I’m so glad that you got to try a lemon stick! I seriously grew up on those in the summer and to this day, lemon and peppermint are my two favorite scents and flavors because of that! I’m so glad that you’re feeling better!