Making Baltimore My Home

4 years in Baltimore… It feels like forever but also just a day. The time has flown by! Today marks four years since I packed up my life and moved to a city where I knew no one. I walked across the stage at my graduation from Salisbury knowing that everything I owned was sitting in a basement bedroom in Baltimore waiting for me. I was scared. I can’t believe I was ever that girl because today I can’t imagine NOT living here.   

Over the past four years I’ve gone through a few jobs, a couple bad Tinder dates, numerous bar crawls, three floods, four houses and made countless memories during my time in Charm City. I’ve also learned countless lessons that only folks living in the city will understand! 

10 Things I’ve Learned from City Living in Baltimore  

  1. Bedroom basements have a tendency to flood- don’t invest in nice furniture 
  2. Taking a sugar cookie and slathering a thick layer of fudge on top is life changing. Berger Cookies for the win 
  3. Just because other people are parking incorrectly doesn’t mean you should, you and the ten other people WILL get a ticket. 
  4. Butttttt if you get home late and find a spot that’s not really a spot, park anyway and move early the next morning. Parking attendants don’t work around the clock.  
  5. Try to branch out and frequent more local businesses than chains. Don’t say bye to them completely, but support local whenever possible.  
  6. Only buy enough groceries to carry in one trip. It never fails that the only available parking spot after a trip to the grocery store is about 4 blocks away.  
  7. Just because the walking man signal hasn’t flashed doesn’t mean you can’t cross the street- learn the traffic patterns and your walk anywhere will cut in half. But be careful, Baltimore drivers are not the best 
  8. Don’t spend a lot on rent. If you do city living right you won’t be at home much anyway. 
  9. Get sloppy during a Fed Hill bar crawl at least once, it’s a right of passage 
  10. If you think it’s a cat, it’s probably a rat. Don’t get closer to find out. 


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  • Annie

    UGH. YES. Meg, I couldn’t imagine this city without YOU. I am so happy you made that brave decision to move because I am so happy you are here. I adore the way you have embraced Baltimore and your list legit had me CRACKING up. Especially the rat one! Also, your traffic one made me laugh because when I lived in Delaware, I had to get used to NOT walking whenever there wasn’t cars because they are so strict with pedestrian laws. I got yelled at by a cop once on Main St. in Newark for walking when there was an orange hand!

  • Macy Volpe

    Your lessons are so on point. The grocery store was always the worst, especially in the rain or snow. We eventually learned our lesson and ordered delivery instead of going to the grocery store haha. When I was in HS we had a field trip downtown and went “rat hunting” on the way home (just looking down alleys) and one time en entire trash bag was moving because it was filled with city kitties. NO THANK YOU!

  • Lauren

    Lolol if you think it’s a cat, it’s probably a rat!!! LMAO!!!

  • Jenn

    Haha I learned the rat thing the hard way when I was visiting a friend of mine. I thought it was something cute until I got a little closer! Also, I totally bought a thing of berger cookies last week and ate them in two days! I think I’m going to have to stock up on them before I move! best things ever!

  • Ashley

    Baltimore is SO intoxicating and addicting! I never thought I’d be here as long as I have been! But like you said, I couldn’t imagine not living here!