Summer ’16 Bucket List

Summer is around the corner and I can’t wait! While I’m not looking forward to the sweaty knee pits after sitting at an O’s game or the sunburn that will grace my pale body on after the first warm day I AM looking forward to so many other things.  

Summer 2016

 Eat a snow ball 

 Go to the beach 

 Eat Sussex County corn 

 Visit the Delaware State Fair 

 Attend two festivals 

 Drink a cold beer on a rooftop deck 

 Go bike riding in Baltimore 

 Take two weekend trips 

 Try every sorbet flavor at Pitango 

 Ride the water taxi 

 Make homemade watermelon sorbet 

 Dine al fresco a few times a month 

 What’s on your summer bucket list? 





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  • Lauren

    Oh the Delaware State Fair sounds so fun! I don’t know why I never thought of going there, since I now live close to the Delaware border!

  • Macy Volpe

    I think I want to do all of these with you haha. I would love to take a trip to DE and go to the state fair! The thing I miss the most about Dave living downtown was his roof deck, it was so nice to have dinner, play corn hole, and drink some beers on the deck.

  • Annie

    I agree with Macy. Just make that beer a gluten-free beer/cider/margarita, I’m in for all of them.

  • Jenn

    Yes to all of these! Especially the snowball :)

  • teenwitch_

    I have a list of restaurants to go to that just seems to get longer! Modern Cook Shop, Gunther & Co, Home Maid and Wayward. I also want to try and get down to Richmond for our one year wedding anniversary – there are so many cool walls down there!